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  1. Hi Guys, I have a surplus of bantam eggs and have no one to sell them to. Any Ideas on how I can use this eggs in cooking ? Thanks Steve
  2. Thanks chucky mama, I know not to use it then, Thanks a million Steve
  3. Hi, Sorry do you mean what brand? Thanks Steve
  4. Hi there, I have cat litter that hasn't been used, could someone tell me please can this be used for the bantys to dust bath in? Thanks Steve
  5. The life expectancy is 8-10 years. Hope this helps Steve
  6. I myself have worried about this problem but I can assure you when they are thirsty they will go to the water bottle. If you are worried put in a small dish of water in the corner to give yourself peace of mind. Steve
  7. Hi, Relax my friend you will be pleased to hear red mite cannot survive on guinea pigs or any other mammal with hair. Red mite can live in the wood of the existing house weeks after the chickens are long gone. It could be possible that the few mite which remain have found themselves on the guinea pigs. I would advise you remove the guinea pigs and give the house a paint with creasol. However make sure your guineas don't have running louse which are longer in body and a pale white colour. Juvenile red mite are greyish in colour so can be easily confused. Let me know how you get on. Your guinea pigs should be fine... I recommend a nice bath. . Thanks Steve and n
  8. Thanks Diana, It sound really squawky Steve
  9. Hi Diana, Check out this video, the second noise you here is a hen, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qokGgTY70Nc&context=C3de75a0ADOEgsToPDskLl_DldNAL6Sj7jb8PtFULc Let me know if this is the sound. Steve
  10. I gave my bantys a bananna today and they loved it, so cool Steve
  11. StephenW

    Double Supers

    Nice photo lol Steve
  12. Any more ideas? Was think of saving a vets bill I could go into the vets and ask to speak to a vet, then describe it and get an opinion? Steve
  13. No dont worry Rosey Supposey, my pekin has had this persistant from before December and she shakes her head as though the sneezing is tough, but its strange that there are no other symtoms. Steve
  14. I was wondering if someone could help me, I have a milliefleur pekin and she has had sneeze for a few months, I have used batryil that I got from the vets but hasnt seemed to work, There is no nasal discharge and she is perfectly healthy looking otherwise, when she sneezes she kind of shakes her head. Any ideas? Steve
  15. Thanks dogmother, yeah i will continue to use the flubenvet, i have almost finished 1st week of using it. Steve
  16. I have just bee on ebay an it says that Smite Organic Powder Red Mite Lice Chickens Diatom 350g is a natural wormer. Is this true? How do you use it as a wormer? Steve
  17. Hi guys, sorry another question, how can you tell the flubenvet is getting to work? Steve
  18. I have received the 60g tub. How much layers pellets do I mix with how much flubenvet for 8 banys? Help much appreciated Stephen
  19. Will keep the shaking in mind, I looked at the layers pellets with flubenvet and it was a very good idea but was going to cost too much to get posted. Just hope I can get them wormed successfully with the powder Steve
  20. I have ordered flubenvet on its own, the layerspellets were going to cost too much to get posted. Thank you for all your help Steve
  21. That a good idea but unfortunatly there is no stockists near by. Steve
  22. Hi guys, I plan to worm hens before they come into lay and was going to get flubenvet I have 8 chooks. Is one packet the right way to go? Steve
  23. I have no idea to be honest but I am hoping to show my girls this year. Steve
  24. Well he black rock would be second or oldest, the polish and most of pekins i hatched and bought he sabblepoot but I can see what your saying she does look a giant. Steve
  25. The closest is a black rock and the back one is black pekin. Steve

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