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  1. Hi,


    Relax my friend you will be pleased to hear red mite cannot survive on guinea pigs or any other mammal with hair. Red mite can live in the wood of the existing house weeks after the chickens are long gone. It could be possible that the few mite which remain have found themselves on the guinea pigs. I would advise you remove the guinea pigs and give the house a paint with creasol. However make sure your guineas don't have running louse which are longer in body and a pale white colour. Juvenile red mite are greyish in colour so can be easily confused. Let me know how you get on. Your guinea pigs should be fine... I recommend a nice bath. :D .




    Steve and n

  2. I was wondering if someone could help me, I have a milliefleur pekin and she has had sneeze for a few months, I have used batryil that I got from the vets but hasnt seemed to work, There is no nasal discharge and she is perfectly healthy looking otherwise, when she sneezes she kind of shakes her head. Any ideas?



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