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  1. Luvachicken thats a millefleur pekin. Thanks for the comments Steve
  2. Thought id post a few pics of my chickens. Steve
  3. Sounds an idea where can you get them? Steve
  4. Well I have sable poot, pekins and a polish, all hens. Thanks redwing
  5. Hi Guys, Any one got plans for a poultry show carrier to hold about 6 bantys to save using pet carriers? Many Thanks Steve
  6. Hi Just to let you know shes improving, so im glad, dont know what happened though. Many Thanks Stephen
  7. Thanks redwing and tweety, I will let him know and see what he says. Stephen
  8. Hi folks, My friend has a frizzle at I think it is around POL. She is really unsteady on her feet and she keeps her head propped up on her back, she is eating ok he says, could it be a stroke? Any advice please. Stepehn
  9. Hello folk, I have a couple of chickens that have some sneezes because I stupidly left their roof off one night. No rattley chests or nasal discharge. What can I give them? Help would be much appreciated Steve
  10. HI Are your girls large fowl hybrids or bantys? Steve
  11. Thanks folks for the replys. I know the first sound is a rooster but second is definatley a hen, as long as everythings ok. Steve
  12. Hi folks, Please listen to the sounds on this videos. The first sound you hear is what I think is a rooster chick trying to crow but then the second is my black rock banty hen, I would appreciate any ideas why she does this. The odd thing is I only hear it around 6am. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qokGgTY70Nc Many Thanks Stephen
  13. Hi Just wondering who uses creosote on there chicken coops, how long do you leaves it to dry before putting your chickens back in and what does it do that red mite dont like? Help much appreciated. Steve
  14. I would say call duck x with cayuga. Steve
  15. Hey its Stephens friend on his account here, i keep all different breeds of guinea pigs and have kept them for years i actually have a few elderly guinea pigs myself. There are a few things you need to consider: - elderly guinea pigs do drink a lot anyway so it may just be normal. - if you find that they are drinking a lot and urinating a lot then it might be a kidney infection. Is your guinea pig male or female you can tell in a male as his genitals will be swollen its a bit harder to recodnise in females but i would advise yo?u to take it to the the vet if you are unhappy. Sometimes they drink out of bordem so maby placing in a bowl of water instead of having one attached to the side could help to put him off. Hope this helps
  16. Thanks folks glad you like them. Hope your hatching goes well. Steve
  17. Sorry hopehis is the real links Steve
  18. Hi everyone Mum and I are hatching pure pekin and chamois polish, only three more to hatch. I thought I would post some photographs for you http://s914.photobucket.com/albums/ac342/losers1993/?action=view&current=IMG_1439.jpg http://s914.photobucket.com/albums/ac342/losers1993/?action=view&current=IMG_1440.jpg
  19. Hi Last night I went to someones house and I saw a welsummer cross hen and she lays blue eggs for some strange reason and the thing was I couldnt see what the welsummer was crossed with she looked pure. Any ideas? Steve
  20. Thanks very much for the photos the chick is soo cute I will have to show my mate. Stephen
  21. Yea it is patrica. Thanks for reply. Steve
  22. Hi omleters , My friends lavender frizzle layed a double yoker. How cool Steve
  23. Thanks I knew hybrids were the way to go for egg production. I have a blackrock banty but she stopped laying overy winter(a friendly chook). Steve
  24. Hi omleters I know of somebody you is looking to purchase chickens so he can have an egg every day. Im not sure whether he is looking them to be docile but I was wondering could you list me a few breed stateing wether they are docile or not, was thinking breeds like hybrid, road island red leghorn? Thanks Steve
  25. Thanks for the help I will keep an eye on it. Im sure its muscus because I didnt see any eggs. Tanks both for your help Steve

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