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  1. Hi My light sussex chicken has a mucusy bottom and dirty feathers around the bum. Anyone got any ideas why? Many Thanks Steve
  2. Sorry no pics suzanne but I think they are friends now. Steve
  3. When I first started the name black rock confused me and Ithought it was a pure breed so entered it into a show . Steve
  4. Dont worry. Yeah a dog crate is a good idea. It should put her off being broody because its not the most comfortable thing to sit in. Keep her in that and seltered for about three days. This should put her off the idea. Hope this helps Steve
  5. I have recently learnt from my mistakes by the means of bad introduction into a flock. Steve
  6. Hi We got a welsummer banty hen on Saturday and the other 4 banty hen dont seem to be excepting it and it has just been roosting in the house today. Any tips on how it can be excepted into flock? Steve
  7. Hi guys Thanks for all the help. I have his beak trimmed and I have set a stone in the run. Thanks Steve
  8. Hi Today we gota sablepoot bantam pair and welsummer hen bantam beautiful birds. The sable poots are still very young but the rooster seems to have a long top of beak that goes over lower part and down. Would you advice trimming or would it wear down after being out a while? Steve
  9. StephenW


    I have started course three weeks ago and enjoying it expecting to get bees in May. Steve
  10. Yeah good idea. Thanks everyone for your help. Steve
  11. Thanks I think its a pure wyandotte because its got a coded leg ring from breeder. Thanks Stephen
  12. Hi My friend owns this chicken and was told it was an orpington he thinks it may be a wyandotte could anyone hlep? know what it is?? thanks stephen
  13. Yeah thats a good idea. Sometimes even at shows on some of the cages you see advertisements for that breed. Steve
  14. I just love mums buns. Your own eggs deffinatley make them special. Stephen
  15. Hi is Do you mean its the only way for you 'cos of the selection to choose from? You can get the same selection at sales pens in shows (and generally better quality that sales), if you did. Where abouts are you? Maybe people could suggest a local breeder/show Hi Ilive in Northern Ireland and I am not aware of any special sale shows. Thanks Steve
  16. Good idea. Its the only way for me but to have a selection of poultry but thanks I will be careful. Steve
  17. Anybody planning to go to poultry fairs to get young stock? Im hopeing to go to a big poultry sale on 12th March as I am looking to get another banty or two that I would be able to show. Steve
  18. Mum made plain buns using the eggs from our banties and they taste delightful. I dont know whether its because its our own produce. Steve
  19. Wow lots of people. Hope u enjoyed it. Iam starting my preliminary beekeeping course next tuesday evening. Steve
  20. Sorry plum im unsure because last night gave me the oppurnity to get her before she went to sleep. I will let u know next time I have a litsen. Thanks Steve
  21. hi It was before I gave her the tablet but anyway the tablet is called AVICAS febantel 15mg Steve
  22. Hi Tonight I was worming my chickens with tablets and I have a buff sussex that seems to be wheezing any ideas? Thanks Stephen

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