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  1. A friend has had a problem with an Indian runner and call duck attacking another Indian runner duck. The victim was bitten on the back of the neck and forced under the water (in the drinking trough) by her assailants. These 3 ducks have lived together for months, so we are struggling to explain the incident and prevent something similar from happening again. These ducks live in a large run along with some hens, a call duck drake and a trio of Indian runners (2 ducks & 1 drake) that were added to the group last weekend. Does anyone have any ideas as to what may have caused this incident and if anything could be done to improve things. thanks in advance for any responses. Granty
  2. My Indian Runners ducks have finally come into lay. Their eggs are a little on the small side - about the same as a medium sized hen egg. The few full size eggs that they have laid are double yolkers. Should their eggs get bigger as they age? They are only around 20 weeks old. thanks, Grant
  3. When should a runner duck start to lay? I have 2 ducks that are 18 weeks old, 1 (or both) of them has (have) started to lay. Is this early? The eggs are the same size as a bantams egg? Thanks, Granty.
  4. My Indian runner drake is now 13 weeks old and i am trying to work out what colour he is. He did have stripes across his eyes , although his face is now darkening. The rest of his markings are consistent with those of a trout drake, so i suppose my question is, if he is a trout drake, when should his head turn green? Many thanks, Granty
  5. Thanks Leanne - i'll stop worrying now.
  6. Hi, My 10 week old runner ducks are leaving lots of small feathers around the garden. Is this a normal part of a duck's development or do i have a problem? Granty
  7. Hi, i am thinking of adding 2 more ducks to my Indian runners - I am new to duck-keeping, do ducks integrate easily? I have had problems mixing my hens in the past and would like to avoid similar problems with my ducks. Granty
  8. I don't think that there would be enough headroom for runners in an eglu. Grant
  9. Just a quick update for anyone interested in the dropped wing problem 2 of my ducklings were having. The micropore tape method has done the trick - their wings now tuck in nicely. The only slight downside to using microtape is that it does damage the wing feathers slightly when removed. Granty
  10. Hi, A few of my ducklings are starting to get dropped wings. I think i have been overfeeding them - they are 6 weeks old and are on a mix of 80% growers pellets and 20% crumb. I feed them (there are 9 in total) 4 times a day, probably around 200 grams (between them) at each feed. I think i may need to reduce the amount of protein that they are eating - i was thinking of putting them back on crumb but it appears that crumb contains as much protein as growers pellets. What should i do? Is there any way of helping the ducklings with dropped wings? Will the problem get better with a reduced protein diet?. Will the wings go back into place? very confused - i thought i had done everyhting right. Granty
  11. I hatched some Indian Runners this spring with eggs bought from Poplarfarmcottage.com. They provide a really high level of customer service, and 9 of the 14 eggs hatched! Click on the link to see my ducklings. Granty https://picasaweb.google.com/grantwest894/20110531#
  12. I have got 9 x 6 week old Indian runner ducklings. I am trying to work out their genders by listening to their quacks and rasps. I am a little confused as i have some that quack loudly a lot (obviously ducks), some that rasp quietly (obviously drakes) and some that sort of quack/honk without opening their bills - not as loud as an opened billed quack, but louder than the raspy noise that drakes produce. Does anyone know what sex the honkers might be or have any other tips for identifying IR ducklings? Many thanks, Granty
  13. Can anyone recommend a supplier of indian runner hatching eggs for next spring? Granty
  14. Do ducks take themselves to bed at night the same way that hens do, or do they have to be encouraged to turn in?
  15. Hi, I am thinking of hatching some Indian runners next spring. Can anyone pass on any advice or tips on keeping Indian runners. I have experience of keeping hens but not ducks - I am aware of their basic requirements but any furtehr information would be greatly appreciated. Can anyone recommend a seller of Indian runner hatching eggs. Granty

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