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  1. I'm pretty sure I know. I'm not sure he's changed much at all ( a bit crinklier around the eyes maybe)!
  2. I'm hoping that my 2 five mile dog walks over the weekend are a good starting point, I can squeeze in a few pavement speed walks midweek and start building up from there. I had a rather painful knee that I had fixed just before Christmas but due to not feeling comfortable exercising as much as I did before I've gained 2 stones over the last year and a half that I really need to shift. Also I work better if I've got a set deadline rather than one that I can move to suit me! I went to Iceland with Hubby 6 years ago in the middle of winter and it was such a beautiful place that I said I'd love to return in summer to see it green instead of white, also to go whale watching. So as I can kill two birds with one stone so to speak, it seems perfect. Obviously being able to raise money for a very good cause helps too!
  3. Thank you, it has helped lots. I want to do the Icelandic walk that they're doing next year, I need something big to aim for so that I keep motivated.
  4. I thought he was rather good, it raised a giggle or two in our house, and let's face it there hasn't been much to smile at weather wise for a while.
  5. I've had a few of these recently and none have had yolks. The smallest one is as big as a 10p piece. I've found that they are really hard to crack as the shells are usual thickness but because of the size it makes the shell stronger. Sorry, not sure that makes sense Anyway, I've worked out that they are coming from a young hen and she's only started doing it on days when the rain has been really heavy. I think despite the shelter the ladies have got the miserable weather is getting to them too. Do chickens suffer from SAD
  6. I need a fitness challenge and running really isn't my thing, walking however I think I can just about manage. I really like the sound of the moonwalk but don't know anyone who has done it. I'm hoping to sign up some friends to train and fundraise with on a girls escape to the pub night tomorrow (I'll wait till they've had a few before asking ) so I need to sound like I have some idea what I'm talking about.
  7. I was lucky enough to get an IPad for my birthday and since getting it I've not stopped reading. As it's backlit I can read during my insomniac moments without turning on the light and therefore waking up hubby. I used to read a book every few days on my commute but when I had DD and started working from home I just didn't get a chance to read anything other than children's books. I now read again instead of watching t.v (except for the Hairy Bikers Grand Designs and Escape to the country) much more relaxing. So although i miss the feel of holding a book and the smell of new ink the ease of buying books online and so many good free books mean it's tech over paper for me.
  8. That is a great tale. It really cheered me up after a tough day, thanks for posting.
  9. Got up ridiculously early this morning to take the hell hounds out for a really long walk as BBC weather said it would rain by 9.00 and we really didn't fancy yet another wet walk. And guess what.. No rain so far! The first rain-free day for two weeks. Yay.
  10. My Dad regularly sees my cat curled up on the end of the bed in my old bedroom when he goes in to put sheets in the airing cupboard. The strange thing is the cat died 20 years ago! When I stayed at the house for a few months 7 years ago my new furry friend (or maybe in her case I should say fiend) followed me into the room, fluffed up,hissed and spat and flew out of the room. She refused to enter the room despite usually following me everywhere, for the 3 months we stayed. We recently stayed in a friends 15th century cottage on Romney marshes. On the first night I was woken by loud footsteps on the wooden floorboards by the bed, I immediately thought it was my youngest daughter getting up for a wee and coming in to see me and her Dad, or forgetting where she was, so I called out for her to mind the stairs as i thought, as she was not in the room she had gone back to bed. I got up to tuck her back in, except both girls were fast asleep and still tucked in. I got back into bed and just as I was beginning to nod off it happened again, again I got up to check the girls and again they were fast asleep, this continued all through the night, except that I didn't get out of bed after the second time and hid under the covers for the rest of the night. I spoke to my friend the next day and she said it happened to her all the time and thought it was a comfort when she slept there, as she thought it was her husband who had died 2 years before coming to see if she was ok.
  11. Hello Gertie, I've been childminding for just over 3 years now and I love it. Regarding the suitability of your home, as long as you risk assess and make everything as safe as you can you're usually ok. As some of the other ladies have mentioned the NCMA are great, especially for advice when you are thinking of starting minding. The briefing session that I attended was really informative and gives you a fair idea of what is expected. But as an Early Years teacher you will have so much knowledge that you will use anyway. I find the children are amazing, it's just the occasional parent that's a pain in the bum The paperwork is easy enough to get your head around and lots of my childminding friends and i use one of the online hosted admin systems which really takes the hassle out of the paperwork side anyway. If you'd like any further info about these PM and I'll give you more info, I'm not linked to them other than using them but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to name drop! All the best

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