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  1. Sounds like peritonitis to me. We have just got through a similar thing with Mrs Doyle. She looked ok but would sit for most of the day. The main symptom we missed was that for weeks before, she would go into the coop as if to lay, 4 or 5 times a day. She seemed fine otherwise and we just thought she was getting old but overnight she went on the critical list and spent a lot of time at the vets. Miggy
  2. FYI, Sorry to hear about Lola. I picked up on the going into the coop and not laying. We have had a similar symptom in Mrs Doyle. She looked healthy enough but would go into the coop 3 or 4 times a day but not lay. What we had missed was peritonitis and we nearly lost her.
  3. Hi all, We have nursed Mrs Doyle though a bad case of peritonitis ending with her having the Superlorin implant. This was done about a month ago now. She lost a lot of feathers, her comb shrunk and she lost her top hen spot. She has started to go back in the coop during the morning as if to lay and I am wondering if the implant is wearing off. Her comb is still small and she is still timid which she became after her illness. Has anyone got any experience of knowing the signs that the implant needs a top up? Miggy
  4. Just a warning....Our ex bat suddenly stopped laying and sat down a lot. She looked healthy enough, eating, drinking etc,which made us think she had just come to the end of laying. After about 4weeks we found her very ill and dashed to the vets who diagnosed peritonitis. She had been suffering a while and we hadn't noticed. Took a lot of effort to get her through it and a lot of money.... Miggy
  5. I dont think chickens wander far and not on to a road. I have seen quite a few around Lincolnshire that are just scratching around at the edge of main roads near their home without wanting to get in the way of traffic. As far as strays, I would think a stray would be taken by a dog or fox very soon after straying.
  6. We have a situation in our run that I am wondering about. In the coop where the 3 girls spend their nights we have what I would call normal solid poos. BUT, in the run we have any number of runny squitty type poos. No one is showing any signs of ill health and are as perky as usual. We have tried Vermex and cutting out all trests for a while but no change. Can't see any obvious signs of worms in the poos. This has been going on for 3 weeks now. Anyone got any ideas? Miggy
  7. I have used 1 inch by 2 inch on our WIR. Works as well but better viewing. One the subject of foxes. I took a lead from Omlet's run and instead of digging down and putting the mesh vertitcal I have put about a foot of mesh flat on the floor all the way round. This was covered with a thin layer of soil and the grass has grown to cover it. The theory is that a fox will always try to dig up against a fence so it cant dig down. It can alwys dig deep enough if the mesh is buried vertical especially if it is not very deep. We have seen signs of fox attacks and the theory seems to hold water so far.
  8. We have a Tenvis JPT 3815 which is an indoor web cam but seems to be ok for us as there is a roof on our WIR. I did have to think about the power supply for it as the run is a fair way from the nearest power source. We can watch our chickens from anywhere in the world on our phones. ....
  9. If it any help one of our ex-bats Scruffy is exactly the same. She has never re-grown her tail feathers and the area is very red and sore looking but I dont think it is. She doesnt show any discomfort in that area when handled. She looks a bit like a Kiwi from a distance...
  10. Our intro went badly as well. Poor Scruffy got picked on something rotten, we kept the WIR separated with garden trellis putting them together for a short time each day. Took a full 8 weeks to intigrate but now they are best mates.
  11. I would go for the walk in run. Reason.....safer from the foxes who will be short of food in the winter and as soon as you are not watching.....
  12. Scruffy the ex bat set us back £110 with drugs, blood tests and worming (See thread back from the dead). I was a bit upset at first as we had only had her a week but at the end of the day, if we are not prepared to pay when they are ill we shouldn't have them. Having said that our hens are more pets than utillity and I would accept vet bills if it were a dog or cat.
  13. Our webcam is 5 volt supply. We plugged the adaptor in in the shed and ran the cable down the run, cable tied high up on the mesh. Problem was the voltage was to low when it got to the camera( bit technical now but we are talking volt drops). We then used an old computer 12volt supply and used a dc to dc converter with a 5 v output next to the camera and it works a dream. I know that is a bit technical but it might help if you are thinking of setting one up.
  14. We have one. I have used an indoor one as our WIR has a roof. Bit cheaper than outdoor types. It is wireless so goes through our router and are not to bad to set up but you might need a little computer know how if you are going through a web browser to watch as I had to assign a port. They are great fun, we can watch the chicks from our phones when bored at work.
  15. Affraid I dont share your love of the Fox. What is it about the colour and the tail that sways humans. If they were grey they would be delt with as the vermin they really are. My sister had one in the house the other month....Yuk
  16. We have a nice big WIR that is 15ft long and 4ft wide and 6ft5 high. As our 3 hens live on the ground I wondered if it would be possible to have a couple of Budgies or Parraketts living in there as well. Anyone tried this?
  17. We had to introduce 2 exbats to our one original and it took 8 weeks before things settled down. There were some very nasty attacks at first especially on the smallest and bottom hen. We did try various sprays but they only seemed to work for a few hours. We did buy some scarper spray but things improved before it arrive from the seller, this is supposed to be one of the best. Our solution was to have them together until a nasty attack then divide the run with some trellis from B&Q for a few hours so the smallest could eat and drink in comfort. They are all best mates now but it was stressfull.
  18. Funny this. I was just searching the forum because our chooks have also started to sleep outside on one of the perches.We have had various combinations of girls being in or out this past week or so. Sometimes all 3 are out, other times just one and if we put them in the Eglu they come straight back out. If we force Mrs Doyle in she makes a whiney noise which we haven't heard from her before. Bit like a teenage sulk noise.....
  19. We had a garden like that once....The girls ate it.....
  20. I have been reading a book called Chicken by Annie Potts. It is a book about human relationship to the chicken rather than a book about how to look after chickens. The bit I am reading at the minute is how we treat meat birds. I know we all have seen the images about egg birds in battery farms but the treatment of meat birds is on par if not worse. Many grow so fast in their short 6 weeks of life that they can't support their own weight and end their days sat in their own and others mess suffering burns from the reactions. I could add more but it is a book that is interesting and depressing. I am going to try to only eat free range chicken from now on.
  21. We have had our ex bats for about 6 weeks now and whereas it was a bit stressfull intigrating them with our original hen things have now settled down. One of the ex bats is such a good natured hen she is a pleasure to just sit in the run and talk chicken and dig with......Bit mad arn't we.....
  22. Hi, We have had our first ex-bats for 3 weeks now and have still only had 6 eggs between them. I guess getting ex-bats is a consiance thing and you have to have them as pets and not layers, which is why they are not wanted by the farms in the first place. As for the baldness. One of our hens has never had any feathers on her belly and it has always looked a bit red so I would monitor for a while.
  23. Well if you have read this post you will be up to speed. We are now on the third occasion of Scruffy being as good as dead and then making a full recovery. The connection is an egg. Each time she goes limp she lays an egg soon after. This time it was within a few hours of illness. Previously it hadn't been so soon after. I have searched the net for an answer and found one person in the USA that described the same thing. His (or her) chicken got over the condition after several months. Has anyone on this forum had anything like this?
  24. When one of our two hens died a couple of weeks ago we didn't want to let Mrs Doyle get lonely, so on advice we got a couple of ex-bats as they would be about the same age. The biggest ex-bat (Hatti) was attacked by Mrs Doyle as soon as Doyley saw her but being a big girl Hatti gave her what for back and whithin an hour was top hen. Now we come to the problem. Scrffy is small and has no tail feathers and is a total wimp. We have had issues with Scruffy that can be read in the clinic section if you are interested (Back from the dead). Hatti is ok with her but we are now two and a half weeks into the introduction and Doyley still hates her and attacks at every chance. They live in a walk in run that is 15 foot long. We have to divide the run for part of the day because if we dont Scruffy wont come out of the coop. The only time they mix is at bed time when Hatti sits between them for sleep and at treat time. We have tried sitting in the run and jabbing Doyley when she attacks hoping that she will think it is Scrffy hitting her back. We have tried Gentian Violet, anti peck spray, vasoline all to no improvement. Hatti has now started to take interest in Scruffy's new feather stubs as well. We are supposed to be going away in a week and we cant leave our chicken babysitter with this problem. Can anyone help?
  25. How is your girl getting on. If it is any help I have found that our girls will sometimes have an off day and just stand fluffed up and not looking good. As long as they stand and not sit and it doesn't last longer than a day we have stopped worrying.

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