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  1. I have a Welsummer who at the begining was very rough and hated everyone. Over time she gradually same round but still doesn't like handling. Ithink it is because she was not handled when she was young. I also have a Minorca (lovely bird) and 3 hybrids. I started with feeding them treats, then stroking and then finally handling them. It is good to have your hens tame so if they get sick they can be treated easier. Hope this helps
  2. The only person that needed convincing in my house as my mum. My dad was happy for me to keep hens The main thing was showing that I was responsible and able to do stuff. My mum finally said yes as long as she had nothing to do with looking after them (cleaning etc.) I hope you get them. Hannah
  3. You have handled the situation really well and I agree with the above. It might just be easier to let her go. I am very sorry.
  4. Yes. You can sometimes tell the colour of a hens egg by the colour of its earlobe. White Earlobe - White/Light Egg Red Earlobe - Brown Egg But this is not always true.
  5. Yes, she probably will lay again. I wouldn't worry too much
  6. Yes! I know I was so excited aswell! Were the eggs big?
  7. MissSilkie


    Iam so sorry. It is always hard to see them go no matter how hard you are prepared.
  8. I get mine these little bars with seeds and berries that are for birds. They go mad for them!!!
  9. MissSilkie


    I agree. Try to keep her as calm as possible.
  10. Also had to sort a prolapse over the summer - by myself! lol. Not actually that hard
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    I had a hen who suffered from a prolapse. If you told her by the legs upside down you can get a better view. I found that it was cleaner and easier to clip away some of the rear feathers. I cleaned the prolapse with water and sprayed on a purple dis-infectant spray for cuts and wounds for animals. Then i would recommend clean your own hands and putting the disinfectant on your fingers. Then gently place one or two fingers over the prolapse (it depends on the size of your fingers - had to use two!) Then gently press it on. I found that pushing in and down was the best way to make it stay! You may find that she keeps pushing it out. But if its possible, keep pushing it in! Make sure you keep her clean. You may have noticed over night she corrected it herself. If it wasn't to bad she will start laying again! Hope this helps. Hannah
  12. Thanks. I am looking about getting it for my hens. Me and my grammer!

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