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  1. No I haven't had bad experiences (haven't got one yet), but read of many going back years on the Omlet's own Shop page (there are more reviews posted on the green one, than listed for other colours). I have also seen a couple about the wheels on here. Overall I like the design and I will get one, but there does seem to be a high level of negative feedback on these issues. Glad your girls have no problems with the ladder chuckmum6. Fingers croosed then
  2. I am shortly going to buy a Cube. This is despite coming to the conclusion that there are two clear design faults on it I see from reviews that purchasers have been repeatedly highlighting, over several years, the problems with the ladder. I keep reading about chickens finding the steps too far apart and struggling to get up and down, and this frequently leading to bantams falling through the steps and birds launching themselves off the top, rather than walk down. Its also said again and again that the is slippy and too far off the ground. It seems that when they just have the un-extended run, birds are sometimes launching off the top if the ladder only to hit the end of the run This sounds positively dangerious and (given the numbers of reviews highlighting it) it is clearly a design fault. In addition, I have read accounts from many owners who have had their cube for a few years, stating a problem with the wheels and a part needing replacing! Again, (given the number of people experiencing the same problem) this is obviously a design fault. Given that Omlet products are premium priced, I think its shocking that the company don't respond to customer feedback and address these clear faults! It appears they are taking advantage of the liking that potential buyers have for the other aspect of the product and loyalty to their brand! This results in them selling them anyway, so they ignore the problems. Pretty poor practice I think. Is it just me?
  3. Thanks guys. Patricia, do you find the Cube does a reasonable job at keeping the edge off the noise until you open it?
  4. I hope to be moving soon and getting a Cube when I do. Currantly, included in my little flock is Henrietta, a Buff Orp who likes to tell everyone when its dawn At present we cover the coup in a black pond liner (with the vent grill open under it) to keep the girls in the dark until a respectable hour. I'm wondering if this will be necassary with a Cube? I hope not as its a nuisense, especially when its rained and I get soaked by the rain tyat has caught in the folds!
  5. Mystery solved. I received the following from Omlet. "Thanks for your email. The wizard bit on the website is an ordering process not a new cube I'm afraid!"
  6. @ OP, Thanks for posting this thread, its so useful. Can I ask - to those who use virkon on a soft surface run (eg earth, not concrete), is it okay to just sprinkle powder down on the wet surface (I thought it had to be mixed with water)? To those who recommend lime. I heard that it shouldn't be used near animals. Could be that wasn't accurate! Do you let your chickens straight back into that area?
  7. Question in the title. I hear that there is an updated Cube. I am planning to get one from my local supplier and I want to ensure I get the latest one!
  8. Thanks. We're thinking of using an Omlet run (with extensions), with there plastic top covers to give it some protection from the weather. The advantage there is that the covers can be removed when required.
  9. Those who have a perminantly placed run, what kind of surface do you have? I currantly have my hens on concrete (back yard). However, when I move (fingers crossed), I will have a garden (yay!), and I'm wondering if I can let them have the ground with wood chips on. If anyone uses the ground, do you need to dig it out periodically to keep it clean?
  10. Thanks guys. I have decided that I will simply find a way to make it work. I will focus on plants they don't like to eat (my favourites are roses - result). I'll put netting on the ground to cover roots and have nice soil section for them at the bottom. We'll play it by ear with the lawn. Since deciding this last weekend, we got the two Barnavelders (April and May) and added a Splash Orpington (Delilah) fir good measure. They are so gorgeous and settled in with previous group incredibly quickly
  11. Thanks Plum, Do you net with that thick green stuff that they use on grassed parking areas for shows etc or is there a less heavy duty version for gardens?

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