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  1. Hi. I left mine overnight for a few nights and it seemed to do the trick. I did read somewhere that if you put one of those blue cooler bottles, that go into bags to keep produce cool, under the broody hen in the nesting box then this lowers their temperature and stops them from being broody. I haven't tried it myself though. The old "crate of shame" was all I used. Keats
  2. Hello. I've noticed the last few times I've cleaned out the Eglu trays under the roosts that covering the paper and the waste there appears to be a layer of a sort of white dust particles. On closer inspection they look almost like small crystals. They are quite fine in texture. We have 5 hens and most of them are or have been moulting over the past few weeks and I did think that this "dust" might be coming from their discarded feathers. Maybe the feathers are breaking down in the trays and leaving the deposit? Any thoughts at all on what this might be? I'm very grateful for any ideas. Keats p.s. all five of them do look like they are in good nick. Nothing obviously wrong with the hens.
  3. I have six hens in one eglu. I was a bit dubious at first whether that was too many for the space but they manage fine although they do get out of their run most days to free range around the garden. Two eglus for six or so hens would seem like an expensive option to me. Good luck anyway Keats
  4. Hi there Just to update you and thank you for your advice. I tried dipping her in water but she just ran back into the nesting box. But the "crate of shame" worked well after about three or four days. So thank you once again for all your advice and help Keats
  5. Hello. I wonder if you can help me as this is my first season with my hens. All has been going well but one has taken to staying in the eglu nesting box for the past few days. She "coos" when I go near her checking for eggs and fans her tail out. Inevitably there are a few eggs under her. I am guessing she is broody? I tried lifting her out but she just had a drink and went straight back in. I can't block off the nesting box because the other five need access to it to lay. Do you think she'll just snap out of it? will she be eating at all...I haven't seen her eat for a day or two. Thanks in anticipation of your advice Keats
  6. Hello I am in the Highlands of Scotland and am looking for advice about water drinkers for my 6 chickens which are freeze and frost proof. I notice there is one advertised but it is 30 litres so I think that will be too big for the Eglu run. Does anyone have any experience of these drinkers...are they any good...are they worth the money...or is it just a matter of getting on with breaking the ice? Thanks Keats
  7. Hello: I am new to this chicken life and am enjoying it so far....but could use a bit of advice. I have had a Lemon Brahma hen and a cream Legbar hen for a few weeks and at the weekend added two Salmon Favorelle pullets and two lakenvelder females. All seem to get on fine apart from the odd peck....but one of the Favorelles won't go into the eglu at night. She just cowers underneath it until I get in and lift her out and put her in through the top. Any advice. Maybe she can't work out the ladder....but then all the rest do. She is very friendly and doesn't mind being handled but it would be easier if she jumped in with the rest of them. Any tips. Thanks . Keats

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