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  1. Thanks for the advice....I have bought some and will treat them today. Should be an interesting experience. Luckily I wont waste any eggs as they have stopped laying for the winter. Thanks again
  2. I have read that some people use this successfully on chickens as a pour/spot on treatment. I have just taken in a guinea pig for my sister and she sent him with a pack of Anti Parasite Spot-on for rabbits/gps/ferrets and rats.... It shows as 150ug per pipette of Ivermectin. Does this sound as though it would be suitable to use on a Pekin and an Araucana bantam? Thanks
  3. Thanks for your reply...I will check on that and try putting it on her face as well....bless her,she is a nervous little soul anyway so she finds this all very stressful......if only she could understand its for her own good. I am not very technical and have never been able to post pictures on forums....dinosaur me!
  4. Hi, I am hoping someone can help me with advice re Sky, my Araucana bantam. When I purchased her and a Pekin at the end of May, they developed scaly leg after a week or so. I treated them and it seems to have left the Pekin totally,but Sky has it back again. I am treating it but I am worried as she also has thickening,scaly type type skin forming on her face,and today she didnt want to get up and seems to only be able to open her eyes a little. Her skin around her neck under her feathers has a yellow tinge,but is normal colour everywhere else, and I cannot see any lice or mites at all in her feathers. She is eating well,and seems strong in herself, but something is obviously attacking her and dragging her down a bit. I dont have a chicken expert vet locally,so although I will take her to the vet in next 2 days I wondered if anyone has any ideas what it might be. Can scaly leg mite transfer to the eye/comb/wattle area? Any help and advice would be very very gratefully received. Thanks for reading
  5. I had posted recently on the broody thread about 2 of my 3 girls being broody. Last week one of them ,Dita, came out but looked a bit lethargic and wasnt eating much. After 2 days I was going to give her a dose of tonic but when I went out to let them out she wasnt down and the other broody,Peggy, was. I checked inside and found poor Dita dead. I cant believe it...I only got them on 31/5 and she was still a young bird. Before those 2 days when she looked down she was her usual perky self so it happened very quickly. RIP Dita xx The good side effect is that Peggy,who was proving to be the most obstinate broody ever (about 11 weeks and none of the methods suggested worked on her) seems to have been shocked out of it. Her and Dita became very pally,often sitting in the same nest box so I assume she was frightened by Dita's death and it sort of broke the broodiness. She has returned totally to normal,colour returning to her comb,eating well and seems very happy. It has been 4 days now and she hasnt gone back to being broody and whatever killed poor Dita hopefully hasnt affected her or Sky. Peggy has also stopped bullying Sky so all is calm at the moment. Fingers crossed for them both x
  6. I have 2 more for the sin bin....Peggy the Pekin and Deta,a little hybrid(or poss a buff sussex no-one knew when I bought her). Peggy thinks the water dunking is great fun so that doesnt work,and if i shut her away from the nest she shouts so loud she annoys my neighbours! So she has been broody for about 5 weeks now...will she ever break? Deta joined her 2 weeks ago.... The 3rd girl Sky the araucana stopped laying for weeks,started again 2 weeks ago,but has stopped again after laying 7 eggs..... Lucky I love them as pets and am not too concerned re the lack of eggs!
  7. Thank you. Will make sure I collect them every evening to be safe......until I find the solution to her broody spell....
  8. My Pekin Bantam has gone broody,and whilst I am researching the best way to deal with this I am wondering if it is safe to eat the unfertilized eggs she is sitting in. I took one out yesterday evening and it was very warm,and I do not know how long she had been sat on it..Is it better not to eat them? I think todays was another hens egg which she had adopted. Thanks in advance
  9. My 3 new girls are settling in well and all laying now,at least every other day...the blue eggs are really pretty. However,the little Pekin is really noisy! She has the most raucous voice I have every heard,used when she wants to come out of the small run attached to the house ,or after laying. My previous 3 chickens were all large fowl and she is louder than they ever were....I feel sorry for the other 2 girls being so close to her when she starts...may have to buy them ear muffs! She is also still being a bit of a bully,and if there are treats going she will grab at and hold onto the other girls feathers,only letting go when they squeak and run off.....this has resulted in her name being changed to Peggy after Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders...ie small and cute looking but very bossy indeed I think she has improved a bit in the 9 days she has been here so am I right in assuming she will calm down a bit as time passes and she settles in properly.? She is a real character and puts herself to bed about an hour earlier than the other 2,and is quite happy to challenge my dog through the run if she tries to put her head in to get the goodies. It is amazing how different all their characters are,and anyone who doesnt keep chickens thinks I am mad when I talk about their personalities...they dont know what they are missing do they!
  10. Thank you They are all fine this morning...keep hearing odd little shouting match but when I go and check no injuries. The only hiccup was last night. I went out to check they were all tucked up safely inside and found the Araucana sitting in the doorway..thats ok I thought..then realised she was actually sitting on the Sablepoot cross who had obviously tried to get in for the night and tried to squeeze past and got stuck.... I moved the Araucana and she managed to get inside properly..... It is interesting watching them adapt...the biggest is the Araucana and she is the gentlest to the other 2(apart from sitting on them of course) whilst the Pekin is the smallest and seems to be the bossiest.....when she deigns to leave the nest box that is! Its such fun getting to know them and trying to find names that suit them
  11. I know exactly how you feel...and dont blame yourself. It sounds as though you couldnt have done much more. The fox that got mine actually chewed through a wooden panel that when we tested we couldnt pull apart! As you say they are very determined and it seems very resourceful. My thoughts are with you and your daughter x
  12. I have 3 bantam ladies ... One arrived yesterday....she is believed to possibly be a Sablepoot(is that right lol) cross and is a pretty pale gold colour with interspersed black.... And today I picked up a lavender Araucana and a cute little partridge Pekin..So far they seem to be getting on fine...been in together for 3 and half hours and havent seen or heard any fights ...Is there a time after which I can relax and stop worrying? They have been in the nest area together so I am hoping after they have slept together tonight that will be the sign they a little flock . It is so nice to go out in the garden and hear them chatter away at me...I did miss that.
  13. Oh yes...just making sure everything is even more fox proof this time....and then off to get more. Cant wait...cant believe how much I miss them. I will let you all know what I end up with...and how many lol
  14. As some of you may have read I lost my 3 girls to a fox a few months go. 2 weeks ago my neighbours on the other side of a footpath onto the Downs have recently obtained 6 chickens and I love hearing them when I am in my garden. I recently took my dog up there,for the first time since they arrived and as we came down they were chattering away on the other side of the high wooden fence. My dog stopped dead,started sniffing around the bottom of the fence and kept looking up at me wagging her tail.....I am sure she was saying " Here they are mum,they have come to live here!" I just thought it was cute...wonder if thats what she was really thinking.....
  15. I sadly lost my 3 girls to a fox at 6 yesterday morning. My dog went mad and when I went to back door the fox was standing over one girl,and as I opened back door one of them,Roxy,ran into the house. Belle was dead inside the run and Rita was dead on the flower bed,with feathers all over. There was also a dead magpie! I took Roxy to emergency vet and she was given pain killers and I was told to see my own vets re surgery options for large wound under her wing. Amazingly she perked up quite a lot in the intervening 2 hours ,eating tomato,and even laying an egg in my spare room. The vet felt it worth trying to repair the injury,but when they sedated her they found she had another wound under her feathers so that the 2 wounds together made it too major a repair job and he recommended putting her sleep,which I agreed to. Checking the run it appears the fox had tried chewing several areas before finding a weak spot,a knot in the wood,which seemed to have given way. We had tried everything to make sure they were safe,even trying with all our strength to pull wood apart,but we reckoned without a determined fox and a weak spot in the wood. Before i decide if I want to risk it again,I will be looking at putting mesh over wooden structures as added strength. I cant believe they have gone after only 8 months. The garden is so quiet without them shouting at me for treats every time I go out there. RIP girls,and I am so sorry I failed you x

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