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  1. congrats gooner.girl! I shamefully admit to being quite smug about having twins! they were a bit early so i started expressing when they were in SCBU and then fed them from there. My midwife insisted i bottle feed the smaller lad but it used to make me cry so much that i had to give that up and trust my instincts: he took a while cause he was small but i wasn't rushing to do the housework anyway... twins are bloomin' hard work so, for me, breast feeding was the perfect 'slackers excuse' to sit down with a V shaped pillow, two lads in a football hold on each side and a book propped up in the middle.... bliss! If you find that feeding both at night is exhausting at times so you probably can borrow a humilactor (sp?) from your local hospital and express if your partner can do one, while you do the other. I kept all of SCBU in milk for weeks the only people who ever gave me the impression they were uncomfortable about me feeding the kids were my in-laws, but it was my house - my rules. I would love to have been a militant 'lactivist' and had a speech all prepared in my head for anyone who expressed objections but the only comment i ever got from anyone over 7 years of almost continous breastfeeding was an old dear in a cafe who came over and said "ah, that's lovely'". I never did get to air my 'radical' views Haven't been on here for ages! Just thought you might be interested to know that i am still breastfeeding my twins 7 months on laurmurf and they are doing really well. I was very lucky as apart from one short bout of mastitis i found it a doddle. i know its not like that for everyone so i am very grateful that they are both such good feeders. Theres enough to remember when taking twins anywhere without having to faff with bottles too!
  2. I'm expecting twins in October and am gonna give breastfeeding a go but i'm not going to beat myself up about it if it doesn't work. If it was 1 baby i would be more determined to perservere but as its 2, getting them to latch on at the same time could be tricky so i will just have to see how it goes... Even if i can just feed for 3/4 months i will be pleased. 6 would be ideal and is my aim.
  3. oooh I love the Silver Brumby series, I also liked Enid Blyton's The Secret Island. I read it again recently....not very politically correct. That was always one of my faves along with Jennings and Just William
  4. Jue, still thinking of you. Sending love and prayers xxxx
  5. I do use flubenvet infrequently mixed on with some layers pellets. Do you think it would be worth giving her a specific dose just in case?
  6. Hi all, daisy my original chicken is a bit under the weather. She has a vets appt booked this eve but was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what could be wrong... Symptoms are as follows not eating (just turned her nose up at sweetcorn - unheard of!) crop pretty empty. letargic. Moving slowly, sometimes stands with eyes shut or sits in eglu. Tail down and bit of a pooey bum comb a bit floppier then normail I think - very faint purple tinge to edges. Not much to go on I know and only really noticed her unwell today. Have felt underneath and I don't think she's egg bound (she's not feeling like my chook that was eggbound was though she feels softer underneath then my ex batt - but she doesn't have any feathers...) was a soft shelled egg in eglu today but I don't know who from... any ideas guys? She's about 3 years old, has been laying and gas no previous problems. Could it be something as simple as a bit of a cold do you think?
  7. Great pic - what a cheeky little thing
  8. Start of a new season - c'mon you gooners!
  9. I had my ducks (and chickens) on grass and they utterly decimated it into mud in winter - my ducks are now on bark chipping and very happy (though i let them onto the grass occasionally which they seem to enjoy)
  10. Went on thursday for my birthday treat. Really enjoyed it. Especially the semi naked men agree with seagazer that Niamh as Sophie needed a slightly stronger voice though. They do more songs then in the film version, some of it is SO similar but there are other bits that are more risque then the film version - and some swearing if you're planning on taking children. Theatre is lovely though!
  11. My tutor group this year were year 6's and i had a wide variety of presents at the end of term (sadly no ipod or lush stuff though!!!) plants, smellies, chocolate and alcohol. Few parents stray from those staples though its always nice to get something different to! Pressies are always nice to recieve but a hand written card of thanks from pupil or parent is lovely and special.
  12. Some good websites to buy pet drugs safely and cheaply. Not only do we have to get a special urinary food for the cat, Milo (our dog) has now been diagnosed with Cushings disease and is on Vetoryl capsules. These cost nearly £70 a month from the vet!!! Am sure if we got a prescription from her we could get it cheaper on line (vets receptionist recomended we do that with the cat food) but am a bit reluctant to google and use a random website because its medicine so if anyone has any experience in this/can recomend a good site please do let me know! Thanks!
  13. We have that poster on our staffroom door at school
  14. Scroll down the link to see some ex batts eating out an Omlet grub! http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/victoriaderbyshire/2009/02/when_its_snow_you_let_us_know.html
  15. Cool Gooner snowman Tessa! Gorgeous cat to. Has been snowing heavily today so got the day off work Here are some pics Pip eating her porridge (Daisy and Snowdrop have barely ventured out the eglu ) Lily and Rosie wondering if they hide their heads in their wings will it go away?! Kolo and Thierry quite happy though! Milo enjoying (?) the snow
  16. Hi Chelse, Have bought her inside. She seems very unwell now. Hunched really still with her eyes shut. Its not looking good. Got a vets appt for her this eve at 6.40 so shall see what they say though they are not poultry experts... I haven't noticed that she had the sniffles at all and her breathing is fine. I whacked some wormer in the layers pellets just now cos was maybe 9-12 months since last time i did it but all the others seem fine. I am worried i may have missed summat cos whilst the only sign she was ill is that she was a bit hunched as soon as i picked her up she felt way to light and bony. She has had a bit of pecking at base of her tail but nothing compared to problems i have had with the other ones before. Guess i will have to wait, see what vets say... Edited to add - she has now gone from standing to laying down and stuck her head under her wing. Have never seen a chook do that before though my ducks do it all the time to sleep. Is it a sign of anything?!
  17. Hi, i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice about what type of pump they use to empty their duck pond. I have a pond from the Domestic fowl trust and until recently it was just emptied by tipping down the drain next to it but it has now been moved and sunk into ground in new duck enclosure so i can't do that anymore. Not every pump goes down low enough to empty the pond (i have learnt by expensive mistakes...) Its only about 6cm deep but takes forever to empty with buckets. Anyone have a pump they can recomend that will clear out dirty water? Cheers
  18. Hi, Wondered if anyone could help me diagnose whats wrong with Snowdrop. Snowdrop is about 2. Had her since POL and has always been one of the bossier members of the flock. However at the moment she is not looking well. She is VERY light and underweight compared to the others despite still being happy to eat. Her comb has gone small and bluey/purple and she is very hunched up. Felt her crop, not really sure what i was looking for but seemed fairly normal. Any thoughts anyone? I will pop her to the vet tomorrow if i can if she doesn't get much better. Should i bring her in? She seems ok outside but it is cold...
  19. Mmmmmmmm I LOVE Lush - am enjoying all their Christmas stuff at the moment!
  20. Wondered why you were taking so long to play a move Tessa!!! The boards and stuff are all changing on words"Ooops, word censored!"er.
  21. And there i was thinking you meant you were gonna take her to watch Worcester City Andy!
  22. Its not quite the same as scrabulous was but its as near as. Its nicer then facebook scrabble - i don't like the layout of that.
  23. Play words"Ooops, word censored!"er (the makers of scrabulous' new version) instead - its way better!
  24. I shop in Sainsburys - mainly cos its the only big supermarket in the nearby town. I also occasionally use Ocado online. I can't really compare the two (Sainsburys and Tescos) - i suspect sainsburys is possibly slightly better quality but also slightly more expensive. In general Sainsburys have a much better record of animal welfare but they are by no means perfect and compared to the likes of M&S and Waitrose still fall short. Possibly if you're shopping for extras ie clothes, electronics tescos are better but then i am only speaking from having gone into smallish sainsburys and big tescos in the past! The Sainsburys in Romford, Essex is HUGE! I felt a right country bumpkin gawking in awe of it when i went there with my Gran!

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