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  1. Exams are oveeeeer! Decided to change my password to something I wouldn't remember (and wrote it down) and hid the paper somewhere so I wouldn't log on Don't have much will power me haha. So I now have a week and a half of puuuuure relaxation, just as it starts to rain
  2. Thats terrible I saw 'Northampton Police' who I follow on facebook updated their status the other day about a £1000 coop being stolen and thought it may be a cube.
  3. Been to London today looking at the docklands and olympic park (which looks soo far off completion!) We had to do a few questionnaires which were around 10 questions, some people were so rude it really amazed us! But there was this one woman that was so friendly and helpful which made up for it
  4. I love these updates on Milo he sounds brilliant! I've never had a dog so finding it really interesting. Hopefully one day...!
  5. Doing my AS levels atm, studying maths, economics, georgraphy & product design. Probably going to drop PD next year. No idea what I want to do career wise though
  6. Yes she's an Amber Thank you all for your comments, feeling reassured now
  7. So long since I was there. Where are you going and is there room for me in your suitcase? Going with the school for 3 weeks to Malawi, will be renovating some local schools and also going on a safari Think we're taking two suitcases, plenty of room!
  8. Thank you for both your comments, hopefully it is just a mini moult and nothing else. She seems fine in herself (apart from not being a big fan of the snow!) and I'm pretty sure shes not being pecked, I was watching them eat earlier and it was her pecking the others to get the food Thanks again, hopefully I'll be able to post a photo of her when he she actually looks white!! This is what she USED TO look like!!
  9. I'll be in Africa while it's on.. oh no I don't really like sport so dont care too much tbh. Good thing about it is that it's helping us with our London regeneration project in geography, we're visiting the area next week
  10. Hello One of my chickens looks like shes losing feathers from her neck and I'm just wondering what the cause is, she looks very scruffy! My chickens have a glug and grub, don't have lice, and were POL Nov. 2011. Thanks for any help
  11. Just been to the doctors about injections for my trip to Malawi... there was a list of injections I needed which should have cost like £200, but got them all for free Apparently they have a glut of them
  12. I use it quite a lot, good for arranging events and chatting to people. Although the security does annoy me, I used to have high privacy settings but they keep changing things around as if they want your profile to be accessible to everyone. Cheaky Chook - I think that's down to their settings, not yours.
  13. Head teacher was telling us how it was going to be -14 last night! We're forecast heavy snow all day friday.
  14. Yes I remember looking at their facebook page seeing loads of people complaining about the run being totally unsuitable for rabbits. But then I thought the eglu run is about the same size for rabbits?
  15. Well done to him Hasn't it recently got harder? Counting down the days till I can drive....
  16. Mine came out in the bit I'd stood on, and soon retreated, apart from Matilda who went running around the place! Was very dark in the WIR! "Come on Whitey, lets go home!"
  17. I've used this (I think it's the same product, just i have the concentrated version which you mix with water, works out cheaper ) and it says not to spray on birds, but I did as I was advised and had an egg withdrawal period of 7 days. All lice gone Don't think it's licensed for use on poultry though.
  18. Just had a snowball fight with my brother Quite a lot of snow actually more than I thought!
  19. [quote name="The Dogmother" been snowing here since 2pm; light at first and rather wet' date=' but it is coming thick and fast now and we have about an inch of snow on the ground. [/quote] Same here. Water brought in and chickens locked in eglu (first time in about a year!) I know I don't need to but I'm up early anyway so they may as well be that little bit warmer
  20. -6 this morning... freeeeezing walk into town! We're forecast snow this evening and tonight, so looks like I'll have to walk to work tomorrow! Parents dont like to drive in snow which is understandable
  21. I have just ordered a free Nibblebox Didn't realise what I was doing and ended up ordering a box for every day of the week (thought it was asking for preferences for delivery...!) Just need to remember to cancel it when it comes!
  22. Have a read of this. They should be fine

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