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  1. It's true that they did find it a little unsettling on the swing at first but we made sure to stabilise it so that it only swings front to back and can't twist around. I figured that naturally chickens would be up in trees so they should get used to the swing moving like a tree branch would. So far a few have been braver than others. Does anyone have any food toy suggestions? I read once that they like logs smeared in peanut butter. Has anyone tried this?
  2. Thought I'd add a pic of my girly Marigold on her handmade swing. She's so proud of herself, although it is my other girls Sienna and Emmeline who spend the most time on it
  3. We recently got three new girls and am wondering if anyone could help us out with working out what kind of bantams they are! We know they are a mixture of breeds, but does anyone have any idea? We have decided to name them Bianca, Dandelion and Honey. Bianca Honey Dandelion
  4. Scarlett, the Rhode Island Red bantam Alice, the cuckoo Maran bantam Ebony the German Langshan bantam All fourteen weeks old. We'd been anticipating your arrival since late last year and were so excited to pick you up. Two weeks was hardly enough time to make friends, but your memory will live on. Wish I could go back and make things different. You touched our hearts in that short time and I'll treasure the photographs of your few weeks with us. Rest in peace, babies.
  5. First fox attack on Tuesday night We have a eco medium chicken house, which is totally plastic and comes with a fox proof guarantee of 40 years. Sadly, the nest boxes are sealed with a plastic curved loop, which up till now has kept our chickens safe every night for two years. Overnight on Tuesday the fox worked out how to take the loop in its teeth and twist until it unhooks. He/she took our three new 14 week pullets and ate them in the garden. It was our first fox attack and was a complete shock, as we hand-made our runs, and made a concrete foundation, dug down two foot with netting etc. It was so quiet, I didn't hear a thing even though the chicken area is only about two metres from our house. Fortunately, we had isolated our new girls in this house, so although we lost our babies, our older girls were safe in another house. I've emailed the company to tell them what happened but haven't heard back yet.
  6. Aw, thanks for the welcome Good point about your own cat, and the bottle sounding like corn! Mine would be the same! I wonder if this cat is neutered, as this may have a lot to do with it. The only other suggestion is some extension fencing, which can be added onto lots of kinds of fences and keeps creatures in, or out, of the garden. It folds in at the very top so cannot be climbed and is quite sturdy. If your cat was more of a 'garden only' cat this may be a good idea. Although if not, it may be upsetting to your cat to be more fenced in. It seems im not being that much help after all, sorry!
  7. We got our first chickens in October as a treat for my mum who had been in hospital with Leukemia. We got seven bantams of various breeds. We called them Emmeline, Clementine, Faith, Hope, Charity, Poppy and Marigold. Emmeline and Clementine because I liked the names. Faith, Hope and Charity were my mum's suggestions for personal reasons, and my sister named her two after mature lady names. They all have nicknames now, of course! Marigold is now Piglet, for obvious reasons, and Charity is now called.... T. Rex!
  8. Hello, I'm Miranda. It's my first time posting on here but I felt I could maybe help you with your problem. I happen to work with cats, so know a little something about what they do and don't like, First of all, I think that unless you had a very powerful spray on your hose, it wouldn't be enough to put off a moggy. I suggest the use of natural citrus oils in and around the garden or near the chicken area? Cats really hate the smell. I don't know particuarly how chickens feel about citrus, but it might work? Secondly, cats hate really loud noises. Perhaps using an empty drinks container with some marbles or gravel in and shaking it loudly when you see the cat. This should be enough to get the point across and send the intruder packing. Also, your neighbour would have no grounds to complain using this idea. With regards to using any kind of gun - please don't. It may seem like a good idea, but I am sure you wouldn't want to cause any permanent damage to the cat, which I am sure this would do. I hope this helps!

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