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  1. Thanks Dogmother. Two of the chickens are fine. The white Sussex is shedding feathers for England again but more like downy feathers. I will just keep an eye on them and see how they go.
  2. Thanks both of you. I last wormed them about 2 weeks after finishing the ivermectin - with marriages pellets with Flubenvet. The cockerel is about 14 months old. As to then hens I don't know. They were given to me by a friend so I guess they may be coming to the end of their egg laying. I am more concerned about the feather loss. Today I inspected Boris the cockerel and he has more feather loss than I thought. He has loads of feathers which appear to be broken off and he has a large red patch on his chest. I couldnt see any lice or mites though. I have put some Ivermectin on him and will hope for the best. They are fed on layers pellets and have occasional treats of broccoli, cauliflower and corn. I have also tried adding apple cider vinegar to their water and also have given them a tonic in the past few weeks. I love the fresh eggs but that is secondary to the enjoyment of the chickens. I wonder if it is partly down to them being confined to their run and not freeranging for the past few months. I have let them out today and I am just going to see how things transpire.
  3. I have 3 chickens and 1 cockerel. Up to recently they have been fine and healthy. A couple of months ago the white one started what I thought was a moult. Feathers everywhere. The brown one seemed fine apart from her comb was a bit paler than normal. I decided to treat them all with ivermectin as thought it might be a lice problem although I couldnt really see anything. Did the 3 week treatment. Also completely cleaned and treated their house. Then for good measure wormed them all with Flubenvet pellets. This last week the white one has been shedding all her feathers again and this morning when I went to feed them I noticed the cockerel has a patch on his upper chest just below the neck where there is some feather loss. I feel so downhearted and just want to stop keeping chickens but I couldnt bring myself to cull them. I spent a fortune treating them last time and can't afford to keep doing this. Plus for the past 6 months they have hardly laid any eggs between them and the only tie they did was when they were having the treatment and I had to throw them away. Don't know what else to do.
  4. looking out of my kitchen window I can see my herb garden, lots of tall trees and my chicken run.
  5. Thanks Dogmother. I have thoroughly cleaned the run and coop this morning. Sprayed everything with smite then sprinkled Smite powder all lover the run floor and in the coop too. I am going to treat them with ivermectin too. Didnt see any sign of mite but it's worth doing I think.
  6. I have 3 girls - all full sized not bantams which i had before, plus a cockerel. They have all been really happy since the cockerel was introduced. For the past 2 or 3 weeks since the really hot weather they have all stopped laying. The brown one's comb has gone a bit paler but the other two are fine. The brown one was moulting so I put it down to that. Last night they all went to bed fine. Just gone into the run now and the place is full of white feathers and the Sussex has a big bald patch on her back. There is no sign of bleeding though. Could one of the other have done this or do you think it is just moulting. This is the first moult since I got them.
  7. I have just brought back some chimes from my MIL's. There is method in my madness however. I have hung them up and hope the noise from them will distract the neighbour from the fact we have just acquired a new cockerel! He doe have quite a low, crow and sounds like he has a sore throat - lol, but he isnt too noisy.
  8. Just checked and we are in a High Risk Area so our poor girls are destined to remain in the the run under cover til at least the end of April.
  9. Hi Alisgirl - yes still on with it unfortunately. We have now got most of the "rubbish" sorted out and have taken nigh on 100 bags of paper to the recycling. Going again this weekend. Once we have finished that side of things we then have to decided what is happening with the 50plus boxes of books. Probably they will be given to various charity shops along with anything else they would be able to use. I have been in touch with the heart Foundation and also the Salvation Army so hopefully they will be able to take a lot of the unwanted furniture etc. I am more or less still sane, although for the past week i have been having problems with my computer freezing up and it is driving me mad. heigh ho!!
  10. Thanks Alis girls. Some of the things I have found so far make me chuckle - not sure whether it is actually verging on hysterical laughing. lol. I have found one or two nice things and have so far managed to bring home numerous plant pot covers which I needed and also two musical scores for Gilbert and Sullivan operettas (I was a founder member of Wakefield Gilbert and Sullivan Society many years ago! I am still holding out for some rare books (the study is lined wall to ceiling with old books) so watch this space. Shed loads of studio pottery and have also started a big box to fill with stuff for the charity shop such as numerous unopened gift boxes of M and S talc and handcream. There are numerous old books on Beekeeping as my Father in Law was a successful Beekeeper for many years. We already have all the hives etc and did keep bees for a time so maybe in the future we will start up again.
  11. Thanks Olly. It's not so much the going through everything. I don't mind that - and we have found some gems. It is just the sheer scale. The two other siblings are determined to sell for as much money as possible which means trying to obtain planning permission. The house itself hasn't been touched for 40 years and is dilapidated. Although they had enough money, none was ever spent on the house. It will be a long drawn out thing to get planning permission and costly too, but they are determined to do it. The reason for clearing the house is primarily so that they don't get any burglaries or squatters and also so that the estate agent can show people around. The hardest part is that the house is in Yorkshire and we are in Lincolnshire and my husband's brother is in Cambridgeshire so each weekend we are traveling 100 miles each way. Luckily we are early retirees but his brother still works full time as does his sister which adds to the stress. No doubt one day we will all be able to laugh about it. I am fairly organised as I have had to do this three times before for my 2 Aunts and my Mum and Dad. The worst thing is that before each visit I have to organise my friend across the road to look after the chickens and she also looks after our Border Terrier too, which is a big help. Every weekend our dog sulks as soon as she sees me packing the case, but she actually loves being at my friends house.
  12. Over the past couple of years my Mum in Law has become much less able (she is 86). Prior to this she has always been very independant. She has always loved the arts and music. She was living in a 5 bedroomed detached house with a huge garden. At the end of last year my hubby and his two siblings decided she needed to be on one level. We have purchased a lovely flat for her, redecorated it and successfully moved her in two weekends ago. Now the hard work begins. For the past two weekends my hubby and me plus his sister and brother have been at the old house - well i say we have all been there - mostly it has been me and hubby doing the hard work - the other two have been going to the new flat "to spend time with Mum", even though they are desperate to empty the house and also obtain planning permission for 3 houses in the garden. We are over there again this weekend and I can see no end to it for the foreseeable future. Mum in Law was a collector (sorry make that hoarder). Every train ticket, plastic bag, xmas card, diary, theatre programme she has ever had are all there squirreled away in bags and boxes. Plus at least 5 washing up bowls full of pebbles from whenever she went to the seaside. Every bag has numerous napkins from whenever she goes out for coffee or a meal. There are enough unused postcards to open a shop from whenever she has visited anywhere, plus at least 3 of each "interesting" leaflet she picked up. So far from one room, I have found well over £300 in pound coins all carefully stored in empty film tubes (she liked the different pictures on them), £50 theatre tokens, £75 in Scottish notes, plus £40 we gave her at Xmas shoved into a bag containing 1980's Xmas cards. And don't get me started on photos. There are over 5000 at least - she always took at least 3 of each subject . This all makes her sound like she has dementia or something but she hasn't - her mind is perfectly clear. Sorry for the rant - I just needed to share with people who won't judge. Into the fray I go again.........................
  13. me and my hubby have these "debates" all the time. He is a Southerner (Chiswick) and I am a Northerner (Wakefield). He says barth and gra"Ooops, word censored!" and I pronounce them the "correct" way - lol bath and grass.
  14. Haha - no it wasn't. I could never convince her that the bird picture had nothing to do with it.

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