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  1. sorry for the large photos but this what i did with mine i used 3 tonne of crusher,4 tonne of 20mm gravel and a few rolls weed control and some hard graft
  2. dont know if anybody has bought from storrs poultry at sheff/barnsley before but if you are thinking about it just drop them an e-mail or ring them to let them know you intend on turning up i have not seen anybody on the forum recommend them but after looking at their website i thought i would give them a go and up to press all okay
  3. picked this motley crew up on the 28th june from storrs poultry in sheff/barnsley ] so 1 sussex a black rock 1 amber star and a columbian black tail the black rock is now laying so well impressed dont know if anybody else has purchased any hens from there as they were only £12.00 each very reasonable i thought as i have still got 1 of my original hens who is now 5 so i thought i had better buy some more but went to a different supplier as Martha has out lived 5 hens that i got from hinchcliffes at hudds may be just bad luck who knows they all settled in very well apart from the first 2 nights i had to give them helping hand in going to bed
  4. Outside space is not a problem as the WIR can take 5 it's just that I am down to one hen who is now 5 years old and still lays the odd egg now and again she looks in good health but who knows ?? Like to have 4 but don't want to get 3 and go have to buy and introduce 1 more at a later time
  5. Exactly how many hens would a classic eglu hold looking at hybrids not bantams looking at a possible 5 or is that too many
  6. I with Minnie & moose I have used the broomstick method but I didn't go on a course I just used u-tube as my teacher and found it very effective and would do it again if I had to like ollie says it is the other side of chicken keeping that we don't like but that's life
  7. Sounds similar to one of mine only had her 8 weeks and she could not stand or walk so she had to sleep outside the coop but still inside the WIR she was using her wings as crutches but every time she tried to stand she just fell over so a decision had to be made even though she had food and water next to her I could tell that she was not eating or drinking and one day she had not moved for about a couple of hours so rather her starve and dehydrate I put her out of her misery using the broomstick method not nice but had to be done
  8. What is the general rule for the number of hens per nesting box and is it legal requirement by law
  9. Chickabee if you are looking for Perspex Google trentplastics you will find that many people on here have purchased from them for the border you will only need 2mm thickness you will just have decide on the lengths and widths give them a ring and ask for a quote they might even pre drill it for you if you explain what it is for just ask ANH for an opinion of them
  10. the concrete will be fine many on here put WIRs on concrete or slabs mainly for the easy clean out but also fore security to stop anything burrowing underneath but my tip is if you want extra depth for aubiose/wood chip for the run is to lift the run off the floor by building a breeze block plinth for it to sit on this also stops any rain water from seeping in between the floor and the base of the run this can only be done if it is a wooden run my run sits on the blocks sorry for the big photo its the way only you can see it any way good luck in what you choose
  11. by the sounds of it you have a eglu classic i bought mine second hand and the owner had the same thing happen to them a fox had managed to pull the tray out and it had some nice teeth mark in it but didnt get in if i were you i would put one or two breeze blocks at the back of the classic and if possible put some wire netting just under the classic with a good 8 to 10 inches skirt around it and may be a couple of bricks on that to weigh it down a couple of photos of your set would be good and they will be plenty of people on the forum who have had the same experience happen to them but you will have to do a few more posts for the forum to let you put your photos on hear
  12. the white and black ones are powdered coated the silver one galvanised i have a silver and white one but they are kept in a plastic garden box that you keep all your cushions in for your patio furniture like it says they are for indoor use only had mine over 3 years and no rust at all and even though they inside the box i still have a bungee hook to keep the lid on and lock the box up
  13. sorry for the late reply i use equinola by bedwell in my run my run is 9x6 and is slabbed with a roof and i use 2 bales of it and before i use to use rappor until they went bust it is not as fine as rappor and is a bit bigger also you get some pieces that have not shredded properly as for the tea tree oil that is there to keep the flies at bay but dont worry it wont harm the hens and the scent gradually fades i found it a good substitute and the poo just clumps up nicely for picking on a daily basis i have also mixed it with snowflake wood shavings putting snowflake on the bottom and equinola on the top and then let the hens do the mixing for you up till now i have no problems with it and it does compost
  14. this is what i did the run sits on the breeze block plinth and i tried half slabbed half pea gravel and wood chip on top it got smelly and to me was hard work for poo picking on a daily basis cause it was hard to see the poo so i took everything out dropped the slabs on the inside of the plinth and slabbed the full base the roof is covered and i use snowflake horse bedding at the moment with rapport going bust but going to try bedwell after the next big clean but to be honest everybody has there own taste and does what works for them hope this is of some interest to you and good look on what you choose
  15. she should be ok for a couple of weeks i lost 2 out of my 3 girls last may and then early june but with holidays and other things planned i could not get any new arrivals till mid july so mine was left on her own for 5 weeks and to be honest i think she loved it
  16. so that will give you 2.34sq metres which will be ideal for the 2 girls that you have got but i would suggest a table like ANH has said use the air space
  17. Is the shed built on a concrete floor or flagged if so that would be perfect also is your OH any good at DIY because he could use the timber from the shed to build a table for the eglu to sit inside your new WIR and depending on what style of run you want check these panels out on e- bay if cost a factor http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20-aviary-panels-run-Chicken-Duckings-Hen-Rabbits-Guinea-pigs-Bird-Cat-Dog-pets/161187941207?rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222002%26algo%3DSIC.FIT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D74%26meid%3D4120314470898135868%26pid%3D100005%26prg%3D1048%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D4%26sd%3D151201174317%26 I am going to buy some to build an outside run for the girls instead of the netting run that they have at the moment and stand them so it is 3ft tall then attach some wire mesh across for the roof to stop any cats getting in which is the problem that I have at the moment when they are free ranging I am trying to keep my eyes on the girls and trying to clean up at the same time also if needs be its a mad dash to the loo and I know I should not leave them on their own
  18. everybody has different ideas and uses what is best for them i started out with half slabbed half wood chip but when i put a roof on the WIR i slabbed the whole floor and used rapport which you cant get now but any other horse bedding will do it is what suits you this it on the floor and the built a table and the girls had more space
  19. good set up but my choice i would have put the whole run on slabs to stop foxes digging underneath also i gather the cable ties are holding the mesh on but what size is it will it keep the rodents out as for the roof get to wickes for some clear sheets of corrugated roofing and for the apex of the roof try using half round guttering on the top to keep the price down and you will then be able to remove the omlet run off the cube and the chooks will have more room in the run and your OH will say how much more are we going to spend on them bloody birds but what she does not know is bigger run need more chooks to fill it
  20. Like sonyascott my daisybelle is 3 and a half and is in her 4th winter and still laying I get between 3 and 4 eggs a week from her and the eggs are big with big yolks
  21. Forget about extensions to the run just go the whole hog and get a nice wood framed walk in run it looks like your garden could take it
  22. i am like you i love rapport but i have also tried other alternatives i tried bedmax but found the shavings quite large and once mixed it with a bale of rapport which was better than 2 bales of bedmax in the run so i am now using a bale of snowflake with a bale of rapport which is brilliant but if i cant find an alternative to rapport i will probably stick with snowlake i also tried a bale of bedwell which was about £2 cheaper than rapport but there were some large pieces in it that hadnt been processed properly through the machinery so it looks like i will be waiting to see whats available when the next big clean out is due but snowflake gets the thumbs for me at the moment
  23. donna passed away on friday she went very quickly stopped laying last monday went all puffy and hunched up and her tail was down she didnt interact with the free ranging sessions and was not bothered with the treats (mixed corn) i only had her 18 weeks and also i had a bluebelle that only lasted 8 weeks from the same farm so i have rang them to see if they have had any other issues from customers and hopefully they are going to contact me this week looks like i will have to keep my on Amy as she was bought at the same time
  24. i agree very expensive but not only do they protect the birds from the wind and the rain they also act as an extra piece of security if fitted properly and that is another way of justifying the price
  25. never mind winter bedding i wish mine would go to bed i have 5 girls and only my oldest one (martha) goes to bed on a night the other 4 seem to like sleeping outdoors for a solid week i went out at about 11.30pm put them all in the coop and shut the door and then opened it at about 6.00am so they would get the idea of it but i have just give up and let them get on with it

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