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  1. i got my WIR from BAH and i am very well pleased with it have a look at these photos it might give you some ideas as you can see i put the run on a breeze block base with the netting built through the blocks and covers the full length of the run and had the run half slabbed half gravel and wood chip but i then changed it all to fully slabbed when i put a roof on it the slabs are laid on the inside of the of the blocks with rapport bedding down so when i do a big clean out it is just a case clear everything out and i can hose the slabs down the base of the run does not get wet because it is raised up on the blocks and the water drains through the slabs hope this helps you
  2. well pleased with my 2 purchases last week which was 10 posts from farmcare and 20metres x 1.2metres of netting from knowle net i order them at 8.30pm on thursday night and received on saturday lunch time and all together came in at a grand price of £42.73 so now i can keep the girls in a confined area while i am cleaning them out and poo picking and so the wifes veggie patch gets a rest bite and now she can concentrate on filling up all the holes
  3. i just got a cheap one about £1.15 from the smart price range and to think what i paid for the cat litter tray but it is now used for the poo for when i go on my daily poo pick
  4. i tried the cat litter tray to no use but then i purchased a washing up bowl from the asda and at least one of the girls is using it the two sussex tend to dustbath when they are free ranging but martha likes to have her own private bath and i just have garden soil in it
  5. yesterday i started the 7 day worming project with flubenevt for the 2nd time do the chooks love me no went down to the wir today and all they wanted to do was to free range for half an hour it is hard i want to let them out as they are so use to it do other people feel guilty when this comes around to worming there chooks
  6. what do you do about new introductions have you got a lot of new housing for them
  7. hope this helps this is my WIR from BAH i purchased this in april of this year as you see it now has a roof on it now which i did myself with the help of my brother and on thursday i finished it off with the guttering it sits on the breeze block with the floor of the run slabbed and the slabs fit in between the breeze blocks i first did it half slabbed half wood chip but when the roof went on i went for the full slabbed option a bale of rapport and it so much easier the WIR sits on this ] fully built half and half and finally a roof i am well pleased with run and if i had to buy another i would use them again also a good tip is i would pay that little bit extra and get it with kick boards
  8. at a rough guess you are looking at 9sq metres so 9 birds
  9. woke up this morning at seven and went to put some rubbish out and i always look round the corner to check on the girls and this morning i saw something unusual in the wir and on closer inspection it was an egg for some unknown reason one of the girls had decided not to use the nesting box this morning thought that to be strange as they have always used the the nesting box
  10. have you looked at "knowlesnets.co.uk" you can state your length and height that you require and it also works out the price for you and then for the posts have a look at "farmcare uk" it could work out a cheaper package
  11. i am slightly because i read on one web site "down the lane" that you should not feed the hens oyster shell but one of my hens egg shell is not as hard as the other two i use the jondo mixed poultry grit and i was wondering should i add any limestone flour as a supplement for an extra boost but i know that too much calcium is not good for them i use spillers layers pellets and have been doing for the last 8 months with no problem but the hen in question is 13 month old and laid her first egg in december last year could it be that she is coming to the end of her first yearly cycle of eggs :?
  12. over the last couple of days i have noticed a couple of black feathers in the run and today i went to collect the eggs and in the coop a pillow factory has emerged they are from martha the daisybelle this my first time for the moult so how long does it last for and is their anything out of the ordinary i should be doing and looking out for also somebody told my wife that once they go through the moult they will stop producing eggs??
  13. when mine FR and i go into the garden with anything white in my hand they follow me cause they think its treat time even if it is my cup of tea but the best is when it is time to get them back in the run i have a bear bell and when they are at the bottom of the garden i ring the bell and talk about stampede they would give usain bolt a run for his money
  14. i have looked at that and i am going to check it out when its windy and rainy as the wind blows at the back of the eglu and through the run i have got 6ftx3ft ground sheet which i could use for now also still got the eglu winter cover the only problem is that when we finished putting the roof on my wife said "is that it now have we finished"
  15. i finally got my roof on my WIR yesterday so it will be nice and dry when it rains but which do other people rate and think is the best at the above 3 i know everybody is going to say aubiose but the equine shop i get my food and other bits from does not stock it also what is a good size depth to put down and how often does it have to be changed my run is half flagged and the other half hardwood chippings and gravel and i do poo pick and s"Ooops, word censored!"e up on a daily basis and scatter stalasen on a weekly basis
  16. i bought all the materials for the roof at easter and this was going to be my easter monday project but every time i tried to do it the weather was too windy but today was ideal so a quick call to my brother get your backside round here we are putting the roof on and here is the final result before this was taken just after the WIR build the chooks have been in it since the begining of april and after well pleased with the final result the chooks will be dry from now on and so will the run
  17. her eggs are slightly smaller than the 2 sussex that i have and they are white does any body know about the nature of these birds
  18. could anybody id this hen i have her down as a daisybell which i think is suppose to be a reverse sussex if so what is a cross between her eggs are as
  19. you could easily make your own by just using the the empty pot of the heinz microwave beans pots just smooth the ruff edge down pierce 2 holes in it and cable tie it to the to the run side the only problem is they only come in white
  20. if your run is secure i cant see why leaving the door open will matter when i first got my girls i use to let them out on a morning and close the door on a night but now i just leave the door open all the time there is plenty of people who leave the door open all year round as long as the set up is fox proof if it is i cant see a problem
  21. you say stalosan is safe to use on the slabs as well how do you do that do i mix some with hot water and scrub the slabs or just sprinkle some on the wet surface after scrubbing them
  22. i have just ordered some from ebay £17.99 for a 6kg tub and free sprinkler bottle and only £7.90 for postage and packing it is better than flyte so fancy who wanted to charge £42.20 for a 5kg tub with postage and packing
  23. thanks for that squiffs i will have a look at the website now
  24. i am looking at buying some netting from knowles net is it any good i also looked on ebay for the poles and could not find them what did you type in the search engine or what was the company called we let are girls FR for the first time last week and we want keep the girls in a certain area of the garden when they FR so they dont destroy the wifes veggie patch the omlet netting and poles are nice but so is the price

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