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  1. Hello! Please can you update my information? We have a Cube, Classic and Go. Can cover South London and North Kent. Thanks Caroline
  2. 1976 + 14 = 1990. Who is going to get it to 2k?!
  3. Yes, I'd thought this really. I've been reading quite a lot about it over the last couple of months including quite a good article in the last issue of Practical Poultry. We're going to leave it until our DD is older so she can learn about it too and get more involved. POL is definitely the way to go for us at the moment however the poultry farm that I rang doesn't open on Saturdays (?!) so 24 hours to wait!!
  4. I have a spare eglu for a few weeks before we chicken sit next and space in my own eglu for at least another two, so today seems a perfect day to get a couple more to start integrating them............ I thought about day old cream legbar chicks but am nervous that I don't know enough about them so think that for the time being some POLs will suit us perfectly. We have a 2 year old DD and would like a nice friendly breed that will suit her, but also give me lots of cuddles!! Gee. What to do? Book a visit to the local poultry farm? When can I call? Do I really have to wait until 9am?? I need to get on now!!
  5. Yes, I know how you feel, I was gutted!! I gushed and gushed on the phone about my lovely girls and the researcher was quite sad that I wasn't available. Maybe I'd have just come across as some mad chicken lady anyway!!! Anyway for anyone else the piece is going to be on BBC 7pm on Good Friday. Sounds like good chicken telly!
  6. I've just had a call from the One Show and they want to do a piece on people who have chickens as pets for their Easter programme. They filmed someone yesterday and would like one more in SE London. We are not going to be around for filming tomorrow so can't do it but is anyone else interested? If so, PM me and I can give you more details and you can decide if you are interested? Thanks
  7. Wow. Great WIR. Great job you! I bet your girls will be really happy there.
  8. Great thread. Just read from start to end and gives an insight to exactly what we would love to do, in a 'few' years time. Can't wait to follow more....
  9. Thank you for all your posts. Its been a difficult day. We took Leni back to the vet this evening and he agreed that the long term prognosis wasn't good and that she should be pts today. Plenty of tears. She's been a briliantly friendly pet - really part of the family. Not a nice thing to happen to her though. Many thanks
  10. Thanks for your comments. She's always been a slow to lay lady and always had soft shells so maybe she has some sort of calcium deficiency that won't sort itself out? What do you think?
  11. The vet has now rang back and they want to stitch it to help keep it in for a few days. It will need to be done under gas and will cost about £70. Should we go for this do you think?
  12. Feeling very down today as our beloved Leni has had her second prolapse following the vet fixing yesterdays. She also had an egg released that didn't have a shell formed. She is on antibiotics in case of infection but the second prolapse is a set back. I've called the vet who said that this is rare and that she will look into it and call me back. What to do now? She's our lovely little hen pecked girlie that spends most of her time with us? I feel so sorry for us and helpless.
  13. When my husband went down the garden to let the chickens out this morning he caught sight of a large fox climbing across the garage roof and going over the 7ft back gate. Worrying. After a long evening reading every post relating to foxes on here and scaring us both half to death he agreed to pee around the eglu and run. So off we've been trekking down the garden and using torches to check for any digging by the fox, then turning off the torches for dh to run around 'doing the deed'! Very comical (despite being quite worrying!). He never knew what having chickens would entail! No free ranging without being very close to me from now on. Shame since I used to work from home at the dining room table watching them out of the window free ranging but loose sight of them under a camelia bush that they are particularly partial to by the back door (keep expecting to find eggs under it) - but I'm not going to get any work done trying to keep them in sight the whole time. Poor "buck bucks" - my 21m old dd's collective name for the girls.
  14. Thanks for all your advice. Been to B&Q today and bought a metal dust bin and bungee cords. Will set it all up tomorrow morning. Many thanks

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