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  1. To house a couple of campbells. Run space isn't an issue as will be completely free range. I see Omlet market the Classic for ducks. But is the Go better/worse? I'll obviously remove the roosting bars. Thanks.
  2. Thank you. I've just messaged Christian.
  3. I didn't think I'd be able to log back in here... I open my old laptop and see I'm logged in. Thing is, I can't log in on other devices as I appear to have forgotten my password. I've tried to retrieve my password but Omlet doesn't recognise my email address. (What have I done?!) Who do I contact, anyone know?
  4. The skirting of the new run is detachable. The cubes are not changing.
  5. The cube. However I think is depends on the shape of your garden. A Go can come in handy.
  6. Ah lovely. What sort of set up did they come from? 'Technically', there aren't any ex batts any more, are there?
  7. The RCOM is brilliant. Have a look on P&T Poultry (website), there are videos of incubators in action there. The Brinsea Mini Eco was my first incubator. I bought a hygrometer for that machine and then noticed how much the humidity fluctuated!
  8. I've been lucky with eBay. Infact my pekins came from eBay (sounds a bit mad doesn't it). Check feedback or ask for a recommendation perhaps. My silkies came from eBay (two different batches), my welsummers, barbu d'uccles and my cream legbars were bought from an online friend. I collected my Marans eggs. I'd collect if I could - muuuuch better hatch rates.
  9. Ping pong ball in the water? During very cold weather I put an apple in the horses' water buckets, it floats, moving and so the water doesn't freeze... ... However, sometimes the horses play boobin apples well.
  10. She doesn't look full pekin to me - she looks too long in the body and neck to me. All of my pekins are round balls of fluff. Are her legs dark? I think she's a pekin cross... but lovely all the same!
  11. I just boil my kettle in the mornings to break the ice. Job done. You could put the Snugglesafe next to the glug but it's solid so couldn't go 'around'.
  12. Oo lovely new additions. I do like your frizzles.
  13. Thanks all. I do think the pekins are so funny to watch walking around the garden. Mini, All of the pekins (sisters I believe) are madams but in different amounts of madamness. They don't take kindly to you invading their home but when free ranging they are fine and like to be hand fed and stroked. I assume they are just territorial over their . Her pekin sisters are Thelma and Louise (frizzles):- There are no guarantees with hatching eggs are there. Did you but from eBay? Martha sounds lovely. Is she a madam too?
  14. Oh yes, it is expensive. The reactions I got when relatives asked how much I paid for a cube, run and extension. But there's nothing else like it is there? Congratulations on a lovely pink Cube! We'll need pictures when it arrives.

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