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  1. Hi, my name is Marggie and I am well impressed! The hens arrived on Thursday and I have already had my first egg, which has been consumed of course and no I didn't take a photo! Cats are very intrigued but the hens are not, so no doubt the settling in period for the cats is going take longer than the hens and there was me worrying about the Dora and Betty, who seem to know exactly what to do! The torch worked at roosting time and when I got home last night they had already gone to roost. If anyone has any tips about settling cats into the world of hens please let me know! Thanks, M.
  2. Hi I am new too the names Marggie I am waiting for my 2 hens Dora and Bettie to be delivered on the 20th Jan. I am really excited but a little nervous as I have never had hens before. Happy to receive any helpful tips or hints. I am wondering how the cats will cope with them, although I have been told that they generally get on o.k. does anyone have any ideas about how to introduce them all? Also are there any training sessions nearby? Cheers M

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