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  1. CAN ANYONE HELP ME? As I said above, our rabbits' eglu arrived 5 days ago and my rabbits have the run of the house and garden all day. They quite happily go into the run throughout the day to nibble the grass in there, to use their litter tray and to eat food. But they just won't go into the eglu and spend all night huddled in a corner of the run. It's very upsetting. The eglu has food and water in it and I've tried leaving a curly kale trail up to and into their eglu. I've even put their soiled straw from the litter tray into the eglu so that they know it's theirs to use. I've left the side hatch off during the day so that they can sniff inside it. They just won't go inside. It even rained all night on their first night and they just sat under the weather cover to keep dry. ANY SUGGESTIONS? Hi. Not sure if you'd feel happy bout doing this but put all their familiar bits inside the pod and put them in there with the door shut, that is if you can get hold of them! It might make them get used to it. We have a chicken cube and omlet recommend you keep the chickens in the 'house' overnight when you first get them so that they know where to go back to at night! My idea has the same principle I suppose...!
  2. My chickens roam the garden happily with my bunny around too. Can depend on your bunnies temper though, mine is quite placid, I wouldn't recommend for a bunny who bites people though as it is likely to do that to the chickens! The best way of picking up a bunny is to scoop it up around it's middle and always support its bottom. If you don't support the bottom it will wiggle like mad! If you do it will keep very still. Bunnies love cuddles and become more friendly the more you cuddle them. Boy or Girl? Take to a vet!! Hope I have been some help!

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