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  1. Congratulations. Personally I would stick to 5, others may have different views. I have learned that the more space they have the better their life, less stress=better health. My one advice would be to get all 5 at the same time and of the same age so they might mix and get on easier, though its no guarantee, just more likely. Best wishes Enjoy
  2. How much is it? What does it include? (I sometimes find the adverts very confusing or even misleading)
  3. Ajuff, I read your post with interest, what awful dilemmas. You don't say whether you drew the individuals attentions to your concerns in any of the 3 situations, before reporting them to a third party. Personally I suspect it will strain your relationships with these people, because if you went behind their backs, rather than discussing it with them before deciding what to do they will be suspicious and untrusting of you in future. You are absolutely right to flag up these safety issues but, you may not know all the facts and personally I would talk to the individuals and see if I have the full picture before deciding whether it needs to go further or not. I hope it works out OK for you, dilemmas, dilemmas
  4. Hi Jenny like you, my ability to look after my hens has become limited (due to surgery in December) and like you I too have wondered what is the barest minimum I can realistically get away with as it has fallen on my husbands shoulders while I was in hospital and after returning home 2 days ago, what can I do when he goes back to work next week. I believe that as long as as much poo is removed as often as possible from the nest and house firstly and from the run secondly, the actual washing can be done much less often, as you describe in your new routine. All I would add is replacing smaller containers of water fresh every day is probably better than changing large containers every few days as mine manage to get theirs dirty every day and I get hubby to freshen theirs up in the morning. Sorry to hear about your health and I do hope that your hens can remain a source of comfort and joy rather than a stress or burden.
  5. Thank you all for the sympathies.... Too true Olly or it would be a triple GGGGRRRRR
  6. I have not been on here for a while but today I feel like sharing my grievance with anyone who would listen.. Early this morning I said goodbye to my girls (and my family of course), as I entered the hospital for major orthopaedic surgery due around 11 am. One of my worst nightmares came true when despite all the final checks being complete and my limb marked for surgery (to avoid the wrong limb being operated on - yes it still happens accessionally) just before being settled in I was told that the hospital has failed to order a part necessary for the operation so it has to be postponed. Aside from the disruption it has caused to arrange everything for today only to have to do all again another time, having to deal with my problem and continue to take medication for longer and deal with any increase risks associated with that, I also sold my tickets to see Lee Evans on Sunday (which were bought over a year ago) because I was going to be in hospital and now I am not .......all down to some people not doing their job properly, and with no consequences to them..... Double GGGGGRRRRRR
  7. Here is a linky to the classic ecco lace-ups http://www.eccoshoeshop.co.uk/ladies-ecco-shoes/ladies-ecco-casual/ecco-soft-ii-shoes-009473
  8. I couldn't help noticing that next Thursday, Aldi have interesting bird-feeders and good value dried mealworms on sale as special buys. So I just wanted to share that as some might find this useful to know.
  9. I used to wear Doc martins 'Air' and then latterly Ecco shoes called 'Soft', (maybe because the leather is so soft) and they always fitted so gently while giving good support. They are now made in both lace-up and velcro strap style and the leather upper is usually free of synthetic liners so your feet can breathe and don't get sweaty. The good quality leather made them easy to keep clean and I always had at least 2 pairs to alternate daily and many lasted for years. The thick, spongy sole makes them good for walking about and really helps when you have to be on your feet all day/night. I loved my Eccos (and still do)
  10. I like to winge like the next person but rarely bother to complain officially, but this time I complained to the BBC for the intrusive and senseless reporting of the case Here is their reply. Thanks for contacting BBC News. I understand that you felt the amount of detail given on BBC News programmes, both local and national, regarding Joanna Yeates death was too much, and too graphic. I also note you felt it was inappropriate to broadcast images form the inside of her house on the 12 October, and that both issues could be upsetting to family and friends of Joanna. Your concerns were forwarded to the relevant editorial staff at BBC News who passed on the following response: “We're sorry if some people found the pictures from inside Joanna Yeates' flat to be inappropriate. Unfortunately, this court case is one of the most high profile cases of the year and of considerable interest to the audience. The jury was taken to see the inside of the flat - and we were subsequently allowed to film there - as the flat, its geography and what the police found there already form an important part of the court case - and are likely to continue to do so as the case continues. Therefore we considered it was appropriate and necessary as part of the coverage of the case to show the scene as the judge and jury had seen it. Having said that, we fully appreciate that for many people it is upsetting as it reflects the normal and happy life that Joanna Yeates and her boyfriend had until the night of her killing and we will endeavour not to over-use the images in future, beyond what is necessary to tell the story”. In regards to the details of the night of her murder that was included in news programme, we are aware of the wide range of people who view our news reports but, equally, we have a responsibility to report the main news events, especially in high profile cases such as this where there is a huge public interest in it. News is unpredictable and can be disturbing and we have an obligation to provide our adult audience members with informative and comprehensible news. We believe it would be unacceptable for us to distort or suppress important news stories because of their subject matter. Nevertheless, we’re guided by the feedback we receive and I can assure you I've registered your complaint on our audience log. This is a daily report of audience feedback that's made available to all BBC staff, including members of the BBC Executive Board, news editors and other senior managers. The audience logs are seen as important documents that can help shape decisions about future programming and content. Thanks for taking the time to contact us. I think they missed the point entirely. I guess I must try harder to get it across again.
  11. I too choose not to seek out nor to read the whole articles but I'm simply appalled by the news headlines unnecessarily announcing the number of wounds found on her body, or how her body was in the boot of the killers car when he went shopping in a local supermarket. One very brief radio report went on to expand how much she must have struggled and how she must have suffered (how dreadfully tactless for her family and friends) and this is just the headlines so I don't know about the rest. None of this reporting is in the public interest actually. I think all most of us want is to know the jury's ultimate decision and accordingly the sentence given him.
  12. I seem to have heard the news headlines on the radio or seen or read on the tv or internet the news reports tens of times over yesterday alone. Personally like most people I know, I do not relish this level of information, it seems so intrusive and unnecessary particularly as it is all so fresh for the family and friends and really not in the public interest now that the killer is known and incarcerated, yet there seems to be no way of avoiding it (other than cutting off all contact with the outside world) Yes you are right, this is the case where one or more of the tabloids had to pay damages to the landlord whom the media at large had rubbished and declared the undoubted murderer based purely on his proximity to her. I wonder whether it feels worse to me than historical media reporting because a) it is local to me and b) there are so many more ways for it to get to you, including news highlights between tv programmes in the evenings as well the as hourly reports on the radio and newsfeed via computer or mobile phone....aaarrrgh I'm distressed by the lack of human empathy. Would the journos be as comfortable if this reportage was about a relative or friend of theirs. Would they not want to protect their privacy and expect dignified reports of their own relative/friend. Why can't that be extended to Joanna Yeates and others.
  13. Like most people I have followed this story from when Jo Yeates, the Bristol Architect, first went missing, then when her body found and the start of the murder inquiry. I felt for her like any human would feel for another human and then also as a mother/partner/sister/daughter/friend I felt for her family, partner, friends and colleagues. This week the murder trial of the man who has admitted to killing her began and has been covered in both the local and national tv and radio news reports as well as the papers. Yesterday we were treated to the disclosure of how she died in grizzly and unnecessary detail. Today we were treated to a live walk through her flat, following the footsteps of what the jury saw today, showing her bedroom, bathroom, kitchen as it was left with close ups of her make up table and views of her lounge showing the Christmas decorations and cards, marking the time of this horrible tragedy. I cannot help feeling that the media have overstepped an unspoken line, between informing the public of facts and goulishly intruding into parts of her life with no regard for the feelings of the people who knew or loved her. Since when do we the public need (or want) access to intimate parts of her life. When someone dies in such a manner, how and with who's blessing, does their life become public property. Surely she deserves for us to respect her privacy in death in the way she would have had a right to in life? I just felt I needed to offload here, I don't know what anybody here thinks but I just think that our media needs to go back to school for some morals and ethics training. Just because you can (report it) doesn't mean you should.
  14. could that be a BUZZ since feather and sky-diving are to do with flight? Mine is NUTS

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