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  1. Would welcome suggestions.... One of our Faverolles has a runny bottom and either can't or won't get up. It's currently "slouched" in a corner and refusing to move. Would comment suggestions on what to do. Thx
  2. We have a mixed flock with one Amber Link, hwho quickly became the family favourite. Very friendly, inquisitive, good health, beautiful eggs which as big as the others, talkative, without being noise and a real character - wouldn't be without her. We too live in a residential area and would definitely recommend Amber Links.
  3. Thanks for the help / comments / suggestions. At this stage just seems to be the sneezes. If there's any deterioration, I'll head for anti biotics.
  4. One of our Faverolles is sneezing (poor thing). We've added poultry tonic to the water - any other suggestions? It's our first chicken to get a cold, hence not sure what we should do and appreciate all help. Thanks!
  5. Ours have a low, but wide plant pot, filled with play sand. Should warn that they go through a bag a week or thereabouts, but when you see them luxuriating in it, there's no doubt that its money well spent
  6. And who could forget Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (however you spell it )
  7. If you contact British Hen Welfare Trust who rescue all the abttery hens, they have numerous celenrity patrons, many of whom keep chickens... I bet they'd help. Phillippa Forrester and Jamie Oliver as a starter for two!
  8. Alternatively, change the water and food before you let them out on a morning and after they've gone to bed. Ours come running to whoever appears in the hope of food. A gentle push helps. Alternatively, sprinkle a small amount of corn through the run at the other end to where you need to get in. This will buy you about 30 seconds to nip round and open up
  9. Worth trying smaller grit - Omlet's is smaller than some brands I've come across. This minor change helped ours eat more.
  10. How about getting fertile eggs and incubator, so they hatch around the same time and grow up together?
  11. We put a large round shallow plant pot in the run and poured in sand - they love it!
  12. Our chickens have gone on holiday for the weekend - back to the breeder for a couple of days The garden feels empty with them ...but we sent 3 and there are 4 coming back Have to say that Raw Green Cottages are great - they'll look after the introduction, whilst we're away. Definitely recommend them for anyone within travelling distance of Barnsley.

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