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  1. Fantastic outcome for the chickens and lovelly photos!
  2. So tempting... the 3 ladies are going on holiday next weekend. Would be a real shame if an extra chicken hopped in the box on the way back
  3. What are Sussex like to keep? Would one fit in readily with a small mixed flock? Any other comments, thoughts or tips? Thanks!
  4. Even on days when our chickens leave some food, the bran is always gone - they love it!
  5. Any tips or suggestions welcomed... We have 3 chickens, bought at the same time and they've all come in to lay over the last 10 days. One chicken keeps laying soft shells that don't survive being picked up. Grit is available, organic omlet feed eaten, supplemented with corn, also sand bath which is eaten regularly. Any ideas or suggestions, please...?
  6. Those cube ladders do look like a mighty leap for small chickens. Ours spent the first week flying in and out, rather than use the ladder. To be fair, they still fly out when we open the door in the morning - see who makes it to the food first
  7. Ours form a orderly queue in front of the Eglu Cube ladder, before hopping in one at a time. In the event the others don't follow the first one in, she comes back out to chivvy them along - really funny to watch, but alas no pacing.
  8. We 're new to keeping chickens and had intended to go for something smaller, but plumped for the cube. 2 weeks in and no regrets - glad we got the extra space - 2 more chickens joining our flock in the summer as a result
  9. Our chickens have finally discovered their dust bath of sand and throuoghly enjoying it, but have also taken to pecking at the sand. I suspect they're actually eating it because the sand is definitely going down (allowing for that kicked out). Is this a problem, or should I just leave them to it? Thanks in advance!
  10. Quick rinse each night, but the lug and grub are dishwasher proof so once a week they get a deep clean in the dishwasher
  11. Congratulations! Once they've settled, let's have some photos
  12. Apple cider vinegar in the water. Brokashi bran in with the pellets, which we'd heard reduced the smell as well as making the poo more firm. No complaints from the chooks on either count.
  13. Anti pecking spray - we've stopped using it because they seemed to like the taste. Stopped applying it and the pecking went down to a bit of social grooming
  14. The glug and grub which come with the Eglu Cube work well and can be purchased seperately.
  15. One of our 3 hens (possibly 2) have sloppy poo. Any suggestions? They haven't started laying yet, but are on layers pellets with a little corn every couple of days. We also add a pinch of brokashi bran to the pellets each morning on recommendation, and apple cider vinegar to the water... no vegetable leaves or anything as yet. Would we be better swapping the brokashi bran for garlic powder - recommended on one thread? Any other suggestions welcomed... thanks in advance.
  16. Beautiful - I'm prepared to be bored with lots of pictures. Some of the small ones would be lovelly
  17. Gorgeous birds and pictures. OUrs also ignore the dust bath provided and create one in the wood chip instead
  18. If considering buying from Jody at Raw Green, I have to say she's the most helpful breeder we came across. The chickens are well cared for and there's a lovelly choice. We'd definitely recommend Raw Green.
  19. Seriously... We thought we'd put a 4 inch (toddler size) foorball in the chicken run and see what they'd do with it. They cowered at the farthest end of the run and wouldn't come closer... not even for food. Needless to say we removed the football afte 30 minutes and they immediately started strutting round victorious. Today we tried hanging a corn treat from the run for them to peck at - they haven't touched it. Albeit they didn't cower in the far corner this time. Are chickens normally this suspicious?
  20. Alternatively ask your breeder whether they have a hen sitting service... ours (Raw Green Cottages near Sheffield / Wakefield) charge £1 per hen per day, which for peace of mind feels like great value for money.
  21. The Amber Link is very much the character, provisionally named "Ice Cream" by my son. She is by far the most inquisitive and has a habit of running to whereever we point the camera... definitely not shy retiring type!
  22. Original photo's replaced by link to photobox gallery due to problems linking to external photo hosting site.
  23. We've finally taken delivery of our first 3 chickens... an Amber Link, Bluebelle and Speckledy. They'll be joined by two Faverolles later in the summer http://www.photobox.co.uk/album/735167375 And our three kids sat mesmerised, watching them intently for the majority of the day.

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