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  1. It does look like some exotic flower! And she is a very pretty chicken when you can see all of her 😊
  2. Hello GrannyTrish! Sorry I missed you waving earlier ☺️
  3. We’re in North Devon. It is rather lovely here. Have pinched ourselves quite a few times as we can’t believe we’ve finally done it. We’d talked about being near the coast for years but the time never seemed right; wrong school year, older family etc. Son is now at uni and everyone else seems sorted so we sold up and here we are. Moor and sea! Perfect.
  4. Hello soapdragon. We’re really enjoying being nearer the coast and the dogs love the beach. I miss having chickens so fingers crossed we can have some again. We’ve brought the eglus with us so watch this space!
  5. Thanks Lewis. Yes, settling in and slowing down! Devon life is good. Hope everything is going well for you.
  6. Hello all and anyone who remembers me an especially big wave to you. Today I received an update to a thread from 5 years ago(!) so I thought I would pop over and see what’s been happening since I last logged on. I am chickenless at the moment having made a massive life changing move from Bedfordshire to Devon. Our lovely little ladies died and we didn’t want the problem of relocating new ones, so we’ve waited until we can get sorted and then will decide if we can get some more. I can’t wait to get reading your posts and catching up with everyone’s news. Pips x
  7. Great gift for someone who enjoys playing video games - really good stressbuster! Hope the prescription helps too.
  8. Think it probably was a bargain then although that doesn't sound too bad with antibiotics as well gavclojak. OH has reminded me that the chicken only cost £12!
  9. After a week or so of shuffling them all around to keep bully away from her, the other two started so poor old thing has been living with us. Watching her we could see something wasn't right and today the vet confirmed what we already knew, she has lost her sight. She is eating and drinking well so we have decided to keep her separately to the others and see how she gets on. I know other people have kept blind chickens. Are we doing the right thing? We've never been to the vet before with a chicken! They tried to charge us the same as a consultation for the dogs but I managed to knock the fee down a bit - she is a serama so not even a full bantam size! I would be interested to know what others pay. It ended up costing £14.
  10. Thanks Beantree. I don't want to rehome her and I don't know anyone else that would have her anyway. They have always been fine together until recently as the other two don't take any nonsense from her and in the run the serama used to cuddle up with those two which gave her protection. They do have two glugs and grubs. I have put purple spray on her head and will keep the TNN away for now.
  11. I am sure there is plenty on this topic but any advice would be much appreciated. Recently our smallest girl has spent much of the day in the Eglu and has seemed really out of sorts. I thought perhaps she was broody as she was in the nest all day or moulting as she has lost a lot of feathers from her head but it seemed strange as it wasn’t from anywhere else. OH found her slumped over in the run and then later she disappeared and was found hiding in the shrubs so he put her in the cat box and we thought that was it for her . However, the next day she seemed much brighter and was eating and drinking so we put her back in the garden with the others. One of our other girls then just went for her and attacked her head. OH has now put the bully in the cat box, apparently she is having ‘time out’ he says. Anyway, the little one seems a bit happier without the bully as the other two are fine with her but what can we do now? I have used anti peck spray but without success and the bully has always been quite mean to the little one even though they hatched together and were a pair long before we got the other two. We have had them a couple of years so it seems strange that this is happening now. Any advice would be much appreciated. The bully is a bantam naked neck and the victim is a serama. Many thanks. Pips
  12. Hi Ali. Just catching up after busy weekend and saw your post. I have had two nerve blocks/injections in the last 3 years. Is that what you are due to have? If so, it really is a very straightforward procedure and I was able to chat with the lovely medical team throughout. They do use an x-ray machine to ensure they get the right place! After each treatment I have had pain and discomfort for a few days to a week, the first time was better than the second. After the first one things were much better and I mean MUCH better for around 14 months and then suddenly it wore off and within a day I went from being able to get around to being back to how I was before jab. This second time has been a bit different. The pain has been much better for around the same period of time but it seems to be wearing off slowly so I know I will need another one soon but will leave it a bit longer until I am unable to manage it successfully myself. I hope this helps answer your questions. To give you some idea of how bad things get, although I recognise that pain is very personal and subjective, when my back is bad and without the treatment, I find it difficult to walk even with my stick, sit or dress myself. I am unable to drive or even pick up the lightest of items. I have found the injections have really helped me and reduced the number of days I have had to have off work to just 2 days for the injections. I have to still be careful but on the whole they have worked for me.
  13. Congratulations. Sounds like you had a lovely break. I don't know that area at all but am now intrigued to see the 'freakisly steep hill' and what sounds like a lovely town. I also love funiculars for some reason so another reason for us to visit.
  14. How funny, just before I read your last post, I was chatting to DS about Haim. He likes them too Japan is very high on my list of places to visit. I have worked with a few people who have taught in Japan and loved it. I am looking forward to hearing more about your sons' adventures.
  15. Only just read this thread. I gave up with the more expensive stuff many years ago. I use Simple Regeneration age resisting day cream with SPF15. It is often on special offer in various supermarkets or Boots and is not that expensive even when full price. I also use the night cream. I seem to have sensitive skin which can react quite badly to certain products. Never had a problem with any of the Simple range though. My hands really do suffer and I use Body Shop Hemp Intensive Hand Butter at night. It smells pretty bad but works really well. In the day time I use Soap and Glory hand cream which smells much nicer

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