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  1. Thanks.....she's sitting in an eglu which another 2 use to sleep in but not lay in. I'm putting the rabbits back outside and she can have their winter run. I knew this was standard practice but was just curious if anyone had tried not separating.
  2. Hi folks......long time and all that......I've put eggs under Maisie, a very broody bantam Brahma. It's the first time I've tried with a broody.....incubator is boxed up but I haven't quite managed to advertise it for sale yet .....was wondering if anyone has left the broody with the rest of the flock rather than a separate run or cage?.....I was just thinking that in a natural environment, say a farm, the farmer doesn't run round segregating all the birds, they just get on with it and the mother protects her young.......anybody got any experience of this
  3. Looks like theres one flight scheuled to fly out of Glasgow today.......to Reykjavic
  4. Just read on the BBC about a chap who's flight was cancelled.........he was flying to Iceland to see the eruption
  5. at Becka......Loch Lomond is much nicer! Hopefully the weather is going to pick up, certainly will be warmer. I'm heading up to Oban........ebaygirl, I'm not a 'slow mover' with my caravan so won't hold you up
  6. It's so weird though.......I work 10 minutes drive from Lanark and we had horrendous snow and driving conditions.......I live 20 mins drive from Lanark and there is not a drop here .......it was like someone had drawn a line where the bad weather started and stopped!
  7. Thanks for the mention Chelsea. I heard of the crash on my way to work at 7.45. The motorway was fine but it was blizzard conditions and the side roads were bad. We have several young patients who attend Lanark Grammar and we waited for news. One of our docs from Lanark couldnt get into work but one of the nurses made it and said she'd seen the helicopter and several ambulances had passed her. By mid-morning we'd heard about the poor girl that died (not one of our patients) and also a patient (a local driving instructor) had been on the news saying that she hadnt let her son go on the trip. Apparently she told him last night he couldnt go as the conditions were so bad but Adam still got up at 4am and got ready as he didnt want to miss out. His mum put her foot down and under no circumstances was he going......they must be so thankful now! A very sad day here
  8. With my latest hatch I set 12 eggs, 7 were fertile, 4 died in shell quite late on and I had 3 hatch BUT my last hatch of last year I got 17 chicks from 18 eggs (and more than half were boys ).
  9. They're all thriving thanks, eating and pooing for Scotland . I've left the shackles on Hob"Ooops, word censored!" (good name, I like it!), he's getting around fine with them so think I'll leave him for another couple of days. Actually, on feather sexing think Hob"Ooops, word censored!" is a boy and the other 2 girls.......but I've always been toally rubbish at it
  10. Snowing here again now, starting to lie on my car, not sure how much we're supposed to get
  11. It's a wee shame, they do look quite funny when they first do the 'hobble-walk' and keep toppling over.....they soon get the hang of it though. It's worse seeing them splayed.....they just lie there helpless with legs so wide apart,must be uncomfortable
  12. Thanks everyone Sandie, I just get a standard sticking plaster and cut it up the middle long ways to make 2 narrow strips. I wrap the sticky bit round one ankle, keep the 'dressing bit' in the middle and wrap the other sticky bit round the other ankle. I use the second strip over the top of the first strip just to reinforce it. I had wee Anna to hold the chick with legs akimbo this morning but have managed it on my own before. The chick is getting around fine now. I'll keep it on for a few days or until it gets grubby, then see how the chick manages. If it's hips still look a bit 'loose' I'll re-apply.
  13. I think I'd be waiting him next time he drops her off
  14. Okay, here they are ....middle chick not long into the brooder the 2 older ones (paler one was badly splayed this morning so is now 'shackled')
  15. Straggler has pipped.......how am I supposed to sleep now
  16. 1 blue partridge and 1 blue buff or buff columbian sleeping in the brooder .......and 1 very quiet egg left in the incy. I held it to my ear when moving the others and heard 'squelchy' noises so chick is still moving inside. Pics tomorrow hopefully.
  17. I bought quite a lot of Hotel Chocolat stuff at Xmas time online. They have a section in John Lewis in Glasgow too. When they sent the Easter egg brochure my eyes were out on stalks.......they look amazing!!
  18. Just came home to a very tiny and very noisy baby, think it's the blue partridge
  19. Lucky you......pity her White Araucana sister is laying pale beige ......and thank goodness Pompom's are blue (after I'd promisd you they would be ).
  20. Heavy snow here this morning, treacherous journey to work . Looks like at least 7 inches at the moment looking out the surgery window. A lorry has jack-knifed on the motorway (M74) and the traffic is being diverted through the village (Lesmahagow). Think I'll head home soon if it doesn't improve......one of the docs just got a text to say the high school is closing.
  21. Off to bed soon....and still not much happening. I presumed that as I've always seen 'pipping' on day 20 (in large fowl and bantams) that something would have happened by now. They're still shoogling about so I know they're still trying. Sod's Law......working tomorrow
  22. Badachro looks lovely, have been to Gairloch and Poolewe when a child, don't really remember.
  23. I have a dishwasher but I'm a bit OCD with how the plates, mugs etc are put in. I moan at my daughters that they never put their stuff in the dishwasher, then whe they do I take it all back out again and put it back according to my 'system'

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