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  1. She came out with the other two this morning and was peckign around and eating the corn I'd thrown down for them. I thought she was slower to join the others though - normally she's such a cheeky girl and can't wait to get down the garden. Will keep an eye on her and check on her in a bit. It's funny how you notice when a chicken isn't herself isn't it but they really do have such different personalities!
  2. Afternoon all Just a quick question - I know you're not psychic but wondering if you can give me any help with my chicken! She was let out this morning when I walked up the garden to take my son to school and was absolutely fine. On the way back I couldn't see her anywhere but realised that she was hiding under some shrubs in the garden. She was very reluctant to come out and since then has been very quiet - very unlike her! She doesn't have any outward signs of illness, is a relatively young chicken (about 18 months old) and her eyes are still nice and bright, she's just really quiet. I've picked her up and put her in her house where she has stayed since I picked my son up from school. I can't think of anything untoward except this morning when I threw out their corn with a couple of slices of left over bread that the "4th honorary chicken" i.e. the pain in the derriere seagull who normally comes down and helps himself to their pellets wanted the bread and could have given her a fright? Can anyone suggest anything to perk her up or suggest what may be going on? Ok not a quick question
  3. We only had one egg out of three today (after a little laying hiatus!)
  4. My cat tries his hardest to ignore our chickens and even if next door's cats get too close, the chickens would give them what for!
  5. That made me giggle- there's nothing quite like a furious Silkie! Mrs. Bishop screams like a banshee!! She also tries to make herself look really hard by puffing up - she's such a diva
  6. it actually was chocolatey so they're good girls and prefer the healthier option
  7. My silkie has been laying since xmas and she went broody for one day only! It must have been too chilly sitting still She's a monkey for going broody though and snarls at me
  8. I gave them the left overs of my son's cereal yesterday, which I thought they would enjoy, but they turned their beaks up at it!
  9. Mine like mealworms too but they're so expensive aren't they! I never think to give them spaghetti or pasta really so might cook them some up
  10. What is your chickens favourite treat? My girls go mad for grapes- red ones in particular. They are so funny - the will take their own individual grape off to their own corner of the garden to eat it! They are also partial to sweetcorn
  11. Summer months def seem to cause broodiness! Esmerelda and Rosie were both out today so hopefully they're on their way out now! I wonder whether chickens sync together in broodiness
  12. i know! Or sitting them on an ice pack covered with a towel
  13. The silkie only stays broody for a couple of weeks but my Esmerelda, the buff orp, has been broody for WEEKS now and I'm getting really fed up with her so desperate measures are needed!!! Have put a bid in on a large dog cage on ebay.
  14. Hello! I haven't posted for a long time because my girls are generally as good as gold and don't cause me any problems but I have TWO broody chickens - my silkie is on her 3rd session this year and my buff orpington is on a marathon session which has lasted about 5 weeks now and shows no signs of letting up! So I was thinking about a broody coop rather than a dunking! Can anyone give me info on them - will any old wire crate (like a dog crate) do? Do I leave them outside in it? My poor Henrietta thinks that her sisters have abandoned her Thanks!

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