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  1. So sorry to hear about your girl, your OH is braver than me i can never bring myself to dispatch. Also i needed to say, your set up is AWESOME!!!! Might steal some ideas for my girls!! x
  2. investigations into cost effective hemcore and esibed underway. Not sure how water proof the run will be, hopefully it will be good! Hate losing a girl, always feels like it's my fault. We'll be getting another girl to keep the balance of 3, unless my head gets turned and we somehow end up with an extra girl smuggled back from the farm!
  3. Very sadly today we lost Tikka, who since a prolapse in August, has been fighting the odds then an infection despite antibiotics from the vets. She laid a number of eggs without any shells at all in the last few weeks despite, seaweed, grit, clacium etc in her food, it seem that it was just a bit more effort than she had left in her. This prompted me to do a deep clean of the 'Go' oit's all clean and any bacteria she had isn't passed onto the others. And scoop out all the old wood chip from the run (as the shell-less eggs where often outside). This has left me wondering what is the best thing to put on the run floor over the winter. The girls usually have woodchip, but this is now all in the bin (literally covered in muck). Do i replace with more woodchip over winter (which is really expensive at the moment) so i put a little straw down (like the farm where we get our girls from) and means i can scoop it out more regularly, or do you fab chicken peeps have a bett sugestion for me? I've put some corragated plastic over the run today so hopefully this will halp keep whatever i put in the run dry! Suggestions please.....!
  4. Update: I've given tikka a warm bath and cleaned her bum. I've also put some preparation H on her inside and out. I gently pushed the prolapse back in (about 3 cms) and held her vent closed for about 5 minutes. Vets anit bac powder and purple spray. Now in the hospital wing (the shed) on minimum rations. I'll check on her in a bit but everything crossed it will stay in, if not it's to the vets for hopefully a suture!!
  5. Thanks, i'll try that!! I've put her in a seperate run with a big cover over it as the box got a bit wrecked over night. I'm so hoping she will be ok, she's fine in herelf apart from her poorly bum. She's fairly svelt anyway, i think she was straining trying to lay a big one (as she does occasionally). Thanks for you advice, one sugered bum coming up!
  6. I've posted in the clinic as well as i'm just hoping for some advice!!? About 2 days ago one of my girls had what looked like a very messy vent, pulled her out and cleaned her up, it seems it was an egg that had broken on it's way out. Today I notice same thing, only this is really red. Im presuming its a prolaspe as her bum is littlerally hanging out. whilst i was cleaning her up she laid a soft shelled egg, the have access to grit and have been on calcium supplement for about 2 weeks. I've cleaned her, put some purple spray and some antibacterial vets powder on it. and pushed it back in. It's since fallen out again and She is now in a box in the shed to get some respite from the others who are pecking at her. Is there anything i can do to help my poor girl. All suggestions greatly recieved!! thank you!
  7. I'd think Welsummers to. Not sure though. Lovely Pic!!!
  8. Thanks for all your posts ladies!! I think it's the weather, meaning they haven't free ranged as much, everything is always wet , thier laying has always been consistent so was a bit thrown. They seem to have perked up with a few days of sun though, all the worms they can eat!!!
  9. So the OH brings into me an egg (i did not go outside as it's peeing it down!!) Its no bigger than a golf ball, normall shape. Haven't cracked it open yet. Any thoughts on the cause, weve had fox sightings, could they have been spooked and this has knocked her egg laying outta whack? Maybe it's just the weather it's getting me down aswell! All comment appreciated! Thanks!
  10. lol, thatas brilliant! All for one and all in the same square foot!!! lol
  11. I hated it to! I couldn't bring myself to use enough force!! Think it freaked me out more than her! In the end i got a nice fellow forum goer who lives down my road to come and give me a hand with the pliers. It's horrid, i wish they didn't peck at each other. Attila had a beak ring on for about 3 weeks which meant that Tikka had some regrowth but in the last week she has knocked it off and the pecking has started again. I've ordered some proper bumpa bits now so will give those ago. They should be able to eat and drink as normal. Hopefully your girl will learn to drop her habit soon!!!
  12. Your girls look really happy!! Wish mine would sit contently, rather than dig massive holes!!! lol
  13. We are 2 days into the new run and i've been rewarded with a double yolker!! Thanks Girls!! Only problem is i reckon there's room for another one now........
  14. Thanks, i hope they appreciate it, my arms, legs and back are killing me
  15. Today has been spent in the garden creating a new luxury area for the girls!! Before: After:

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