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  1. Hi I am thinking about visiting Leeds by train for a shopping trip with my adult daughter. Is it reasonably easy to get from the train station to the main shopping area on foot? Also any tips for good places to visit? Thanks
  2. I'm not sure if this has been posted but there are some ex organic free range girls coming out this weekend in Lancashire and homes are needed. It seems that many people prefer to wait and get ex 'batts' but these girls will also be in danger of being slaughtered if they are not homed. If anyone can help you need to register on the website-and and then ring the number for Haslingden rehomings. Thought even if a couple of people on here are able to take a couple of chickens then thats a couple less who will have a short life Thanks
  3. I spoke to my daughter yesterday, she was very upset but seemed to be ok-she hasnt known this person properly for that long-18 months or so (my partner and I havent been together for that long-and we have taken things very slowly in concern to my daughter getting to know his family... Anyway, I told her yesterday, there were tears, and then anger. She is extremely upset by the result this is having on everyone else-my partners mother is very feisty and can easily defend herself, but against this...this is hard for anyone to deal with. My partner and his mum also have to tell his closest aunty tomorrow, this lady is a down to earth ex nurse/midwife/health visitor...but she is also 80... I am beginning to deal with how i feel, which mainly is anger-at this person who is now leaving us all to deal with all the fallout from his actions. However, my partner is devastated and I am really worried, he is having to organise stuff, support his mum-who is in turn supporting his brother, he will then have to support his aunty-and also put up with the rest of the stuff that will come along when all this gets out. My daughter is extremely worried that it will be in the papers-locally it will...nationally...i have had to tell her that it might be if its a slow week. Fortunately, neither his first or second name is unusual so wont necessarily come back to us. We have had to make excuses and cancel a weekly social event-as we used to go as a 'three' and also becvause I am dreading seeing people when this comes out-i'd rather see people in smaller groups rather in a huge public place as we normally do... All this because of one persons actions...I am so angry right now!
  4. Thanks all.. I've been to tell my line manager today, not sure what the protocol was, she was fine but has to tell 'big boss' which I am fine with Now have to go and tell my daughter-who's 21 what the man she tjought of as an uncle-only a recent addition to the family tho-has done I will talk to my lovely partner about responses, that's a good idea to try and prepare. My partner has a fantastic cousin who is a trained counsellor-she is not allowed to counsel family but I have asked her is he-my partner can talk to her, she had agreed to this and although obviously his brother is also her cousin she has stressed she will keep confidentiality on this-she hasn't idea what's happened but I made she knows bits ' big ' and that she was welcome to say no... Off to see my daughter now...what a day!
  5. I've come here to ask for advice because I've always been aware that people here not only have a range of experiences but give damned good advice..I hope that's ok We have been informed that a close family of my partner has been arrested this week. He will be charged soon and will b pleading guilty This will b in local papers-he lives near us, it will be horrendous-my partner is supporting his brother, but not what he has done, i cannot donthat, I will be happy to never see him again Has anyone ever had to deal with this type of thing...I can't give details, sorry
  6. found this somewhere and i couldnt agree more- "Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly", certainly I have never smiled and been as silly as since I've been with my o/h..and I've never been as happy
  7. Hi we went to NY at the beginning of June and it was fantastic. We were lucky to be there for 7 nights so we could be a little more relaxed about doing 'stuff'. We decided against the pass and weren't sorry, the only advantage I can see is that the things you want to do are paid for so you dont need to worry about the money side of things. We went up the Rockefeller centre so we could get photos with the Empire State building in the background-i think this is the cheaper option of the two, but as this was a once in a lifetime holiday for us we also went up the ESB-but we did this late at night so we got a totally different view of NY with it in darkness with all the lights glistening. We didn't have to queue for either of these visits I think they both took a maximum of 20-25 minutes from the door to the top, there's stuff to do and watch as well for part of the time when u are queuing. We did the Natural History museum as well..it was interesting but I wasn't 'wowed' by it-the building itself is great tho. We walked through Central Park a couple of times on the way to other places-we were staying right near the upper west side of Central Park, watch out for the squirrels-if you are a Lewis Carroll fan there is an amazing statue...also look at all the benches with plaques on-people pay to put plaques on in remembrance of people..I was close to tears reading some: there was a row which started off something like 'from Fred and Mary Liebemann who have enjoyed sitting on this bench for 50 years', then 'From Fred Liebemann for his beloved wife Mary whom he loved with all his heart'...then 'Fred Liebemann for his parents and sister who both died in XXX concentration camp' then 'From David, Daniel Liebemann for their parents Fred and Mary...' probably not got the words right but you get the idea..my eyes are filling up now thinking about it! We also went to the 911 memorial, if you are planning to go, get your tickets before you go-they are free but you have to book online and we had trouble accessing the website when we were there-I would say this is something that is really worth visiting, extremely moving and a lovely way to spend an afternoon-if you do go, watch out for a huge Century 21 store nearby, bit like TK maxx-my o/h got 'seconds' Levi jeans for $25, I got a Kipling bag for $29.. Another free thing to do is go on Staten Island ferry-takes you to Staten Island which means it passes the Statue of Liberty-you cant get off at Lib but shes shut at the minute anyway. Think thats about it....am very jealous and would love to go again, have a great time!
  8. What wonderful picture, it looks like you all had a lovely day! Looks kind of similar to what i'm hoping for, i'll keep looking at the pics for inspiration i bet!
  9. Thanks for all the lovely replies and ideas! I made a huge mistake and had a look on folksy... !! I am loving the ideas of flowers in jars and tea cups on the tables, simple things we can do ourselves is the name of the game!!!
  10. I really hope so! Me and daughter had an experiment t weekend with some old china tea cups and artificial flowers-peonies and similar..and i like the look as a table decoration...its looking like a very old fashioned 'afternoon tea' type party (with champagne) is on the cards..followed by a few days away for us! will carry on muttering here if thats ok!
  11. Thanks for all the fantastic ideas!!! These weddings all sound lovely! We have spoken to the family member who has close links to the church and she says it's a def possibility-it's not actually a Christian church and they have carried out many 'cross faith' services before-not that we are but we don't want an overly religious service. She has asked us to email her with what our thoughts are for the service and she will approach the minister-however he will not be there til aug/sept-current minister is leaving, but the 'new' one is a returning minister so she already knows him and he is quite open minded which may help. The definite plus side to having it there is that there is the village hall/old school room right next door so we could do afterwards next door! It would be lovely to have the ceremony there as historically Daves family have many links to the church. Also, it's v close to the airport so it would mean we could slip away for a couple of days easily! Here's hoping!!
  12. Thats really bad luck-I went thru a spate of lots of interviews and in the space of 2 years i did several months on supply and worked in 4 schools..it's horrible and very disheartening, but it sounds like you have a positive attitude to it all which is a great thing! it could well be that the school already had someone in mind and to get them to change from that would be nigh on impossible! keep going-either where u are, or in pastures new!
  13. I read somewhere-no idea where-that this can be a sign that the baldy is possibly top chicken-she pushes past everyone to get to the goodies and then gets a pecked bottom, kind of makes sense! I have one like this, perfectly healthy but completely bald "Ooops, word censored!"!
  14. We had an issue with this quite recently and had the council 'rat man' round. He said it wasnt the chickens attracting them-I asked him to have a good look at the set up and tell me what was the attraction. His opinion was it was the compost bin that they liked, and indeed, they had nested there! He put some bait in the bin and that solved the problem!
  15. this is a possible..the turkish room-for the ceremony http://www.victoriabaths.org.uk/venue-hire/weddings-and-ceremonies/?mdid=74#main-image-hold trying to organise having a look around!

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