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  1. I wonder how on earth it ever came to this...who would even think of doing such a thing in the first place? Anyway - it really upset me - and I don't work with the most sympathetic crowd at work - so I've had "Ooops, word censored!"ody to vent to about it ALL DAY! So...thank you!
  2. If was - force feeding geese for 10 weeks until thier liver is 10 times its normal size. They just shove a tube in and pour food in - it was horrible. Also - to see the size of the liver after just 10 weeks - made me horrified at what our diet may be doing inside. No more chocolate for me!!! He serves it in all his restaurants. I have been a veggie for many years and thought nothing could shock me - but those poor little souls. I have never seen a creature try and escape at 'feeding' time.
  3. Did anyone watch the F Word last night - with the geese? It horrified me.
  4. We have dratted rats too...We found a lovely nest that they had made under the eglu. We dug it out and filled it in - but they were back straight away. We have now laid wire mesh under the run so they can't get to the food (even bringing it in only helps a bit - mine are so messy). We stamped it flat on the earth - put a few bricks here and there to keep it flat - then covered it in a bed of hemcore. Its been a week and you can see where they've attempted to get in but to no avail. Fingers and toes crossed. Poison and traps isn't an option for me - I used to have 14 pet rats and totally love them - I could not kill one...but I certainly don't want wild ones near the girls! Will see if it works. Good luck to anyone else who has rats. Any more advice gratefully accepted.
  5. It's official...we have a HUGE garden fox...caught by hubby scratching around the eglu. There are clear marks where it has been digging to get in. We have purchased a foxwatch and hubby is instructed to wee in the garden. I am quite saddened but also grateful that we spotted it before it did any damage. I am really hoping the foxwatch will help. Has anyone had any experiences where the fox has ignored it? I know it can take a while to become effective...and we are careful with the frost. What a bummer!
  6. You poor thing...how awful! Please don't give in to the meanies!!! They are speaking from ignorance...human nature, I'm afraid...but take this opportunity to educate them! Get the facts...maybe print them a little leaflet and invite them around for an omlet! Seriously...you may really regret it in the future if you give in...like everyone says. Think about it hard before you decide what you want to do! Good luck in your decision x x x
  7. Our sussex star Lily was from Omlet. She is beautiful, fiesty, full of character and best of all lays a pure white egg nearly every day...I love her. She looks like a light sussex...white with a few black tufts...and thats what her daddy was. Her mother was Rhode Island Red but you'd never know.
  8. Lesley H


    I love mushroom and lentil onion, chopped, garlic - as much as you like, mushrooms...a good double handful, a single handful of continental lentils and veg stock (a cube in a jug of water will do. soften onions/garlic in a little oil, add the rest and simmer until lentils are soft (about 25mins) then wizz up with a hand blender...easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  9. this sounds similar to one i make with herby dumplings...but i cook the veg 3/4 then put it in a dish in the oven and add the dumpling mix in balls for about 20-30 mins and they come out lovely...all crispy on top and moist underneath...mmmmm
  10. soooooo sorry about your little baby. Don't feel bad - like everyone says...you can't be there every minute x x x only time will make you feel better x x x big hugs to you
  11. We are a rare breed - I read an article that said 95% of women in the UK dye thier hair in some way...how shocking is that??? No wonder we feel insecure and outnumbered!!! We shall have to counteract these feelings with self-riteousness and smugness!!!
  12. I am so intrigued by this topic, and would really like to try it but a wee bit scared. I have right hair trauma anyway - I myself HATE the hairdresser experience - I have been only a few times and they always managed to humiliate me. I have got rather thin long mousey hair which i cut myself to save the embarrasment. Surely it can't look any worse than it does now. (by 'worse' I mean not styled - not like an advert). My friends are always telling me how some highlights would look good - or a bob (!). I find thier comments hurtfull - can no-one have natural hair these days???? Anyway - good on you - and ALWAYS ignore hairdressers!!!!
  13. check this out - it has pictures if you scroll down...I am just being nosey and skiving at work... http://cook.dannemann.org.uk/cooking/sidedishes/pasta/
  14. So sorry to hear your sad news - it's very upsetting. I can advise getting 2 chickens because the established one has a harder time bullying 2 new ones...when one is being herded the other can nip in for food...thats how it worked when i did it...there was planty of herding and pecking but nothing dangerous. We just shoved them in at dusk and hoped for the best. We also left them in for 4 days before letting them freerange to get used to the eglu. It all went very smoothly...Also if another dies and you have 3 than you don't have to introduce another one. Good luck whatever happens...let us know xxx

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