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  1. poppy ben grace

    New style Glugs Q.

    Hi, yes they do . I actually prefer them to the old style ones . The hens don’t care either way 😂
  2. Thank you, I have a pear tree in the way at the other end which makes it difficult, we’ve already moved it once to accommodate the run ! The only other thing would be to add another 2 meters where the cube is and put the cube on the side of the run instead on the lawn .. what do you think? that would be cheaper and easier. ive just picked up 4 more ladies who are currently in the spare eglu in one half of the run .
  3. Bless them ! How big is their run then if you don’t mind me asking? I guess it must come down to cost , a shame really 😩 it’s like the new cube ....
  4. Thanks for the advice, I know what you mean , I can’t understand why the run squares are not the same size on the higher bits. I do love mine though, previous to this my husband had made me a big walk in run run but a rat still managed to get in ... It’s reassuring that you feel they’ve got enough room , I just feel bad they can’t free range but I know the fox would soon pay us a visit, it’s already had my neighbors flock plus the second lot they purchased!! 😢
  5. Thank you , I’ll have a think over the weekend !
  6. Hi, I currently have a cube with 2 meter run and 6x2 walk in run as in pictures below. I’ve saved really hard and sold some precious things to pay for all this and it’s my pride and joy lol! omlet have 10 % off extensions at the moment and I am considering extending it so it’s 3 meters wide . Do you think it would look silly if I do this? I’ll have to change the position of the cube too. It will have to go to the other end .It’s a right pain but the hens are confined to the run permanently as we have fox problems and I just want to give them as much space as I can . I just have 3 hens at the moment but am planning on getting 3 more at the weekend. I cant tell the OH of my plans until I’ve made up my mind as he’ll probably go mad 😂😂😂 Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
  7. poppy ben grace

    Cube with run wanted Cambs/lincs

    Yes I’m sorted now thank you
  8. Hi all, long story short I’ve just sold my go up and purchased a secondhand cube mk1. I’m not keen on the look of the new ones , they just don’t look as robust as the old ones . Why on earth did omlet change the design???? What are everyone’s thoughts on this ? Anyway, due to a bad fox problem I’ve decided my 3 girls just aren’t safe to free range so I’ve sold my beloved Emma Bridgewater crockery collection to fund a new omlet walk in run 😂. My question is, would I be better to have the cube attached to the outside of the run or inside?? I’m getting the 2x4 run . I just thought it would be easier to clean on the outside and the girls would have a couple more meters extra run from the cube. Any thoughts would be fab thanks .
  9. poppy ben grace

    Omlet go up with four meter run Peterborough

    Now sold
  10. Great condition, i only purchased the extension and clear windbreakers in December. Perch not included. Only selling as I need a cube. Sorry I forgot to add the price! Looking for £325.00 Ono
  11. poppy ben grace

    Cube with run wanted Cambs/lincs

    I’m looking for a cube with run please , at least two meters . Could possibly part exchange for a go up with four meter run .
  12. Thanks everyone, I’ve ordered the extension and will possibly get the netting for when I can keep an eye on them . I saw a fox in my neighbors garden tonight at 6.30 so definitely need to be vigilant. I feel bad for them but at least they will be safe in the go .
  13. Hi all, sadly I sold my cube a couple of years ago and long story short I missed keeping hens so have just purchased a second hand go up completel with 3 meter run and 3 lovely hens . I was slightly disappointed as i don’t think the go is as good as the cube but it was such a bargain . My dilemma is I’d like them to have more space and was going to get some omlet netting to fence a small area of the garden off for them and get another extension for the run to make it 4 meters in total. The go won’t be moved so it’s not a problem moving it. I can’t afford to buy both now , should I get the run extension first ? It would mean they are confined to the coup for a month or so until I can save up more pennies!! Also I know there is a fox in the village as my neighbors down the road lost their girls a couple of weeks ago so would need supervision anyway.... I just want them to have more space really, what does everyone else do? A walk in run is not an option unfortunately. Many thanks !
  14. Hi I’m looking for any length of omlet netting, I don’t mind if it’s been cut as long as it has a gate . Close to Peterborough if possible!! Many thanks.
  15. poppy ben grace

    Does anyone have a Go or eglu for their Guineas.

    Hi did you get your purple eglu for your girls? I stupidly sold my blue eglu and put my rabbits in a wooden hutch that they proceeded to dig a hole in the bottom of and very nearly escaped!! Needless to say I had to buy another one so now bunnies are back in it and safe and happy. My piggies are back in their eglu on the lawn now after being in a wooden hutch over winter and are more than happy munching the grass. I have to say after cleaning out the wooden hutches the ease of cleaning the eglus is a pleasure!