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  1. poppy ben grace

    Cube with run wanted Cambs/lincs

    Yes I’m sorted now thank you
  2. Hi all, long story short I’ve just sold my go up and purchased a secondhand cube mk1. I’m not keen on the look of the new ones , they just don’t look as robust as the old ones . Why on earth did omlet change the design???? What are everyone’s thoughts on this ? Anyway, due to a bad fox problem I’ve decided my 3 girls just aren’t safe to free range so I’ve sold my beloved Emma Bridgewater crockery collection to fund a new omlet walk in run 😂. My question is, would I be better to have the cube attached to the outside of the run or inside?? I’m getting the 2x4 run . I just thought it would be easier to clean on the outside and the girls would have a couple more meters extra run from the cube. Any thoughts would be fab thanks .
  3. poppy ben grace

    Omlet go up with four meter run Peterborough

    Now sold
  4. Great condition, i only purchased the extension and clear windbreakers in December. Perch not included. Only selling as I need a cube. Sorry I forgot to add the price! Looking for £325.00 Ono
  5. poppy ben grace

    Cube with run wanted Cambs/lincs

    I’m looking for a cube with run please , at least two meters . Could possibly part exchange for a go up with four meter run .
  6. Thanks everyone, I’ve ordered the extension and will possibly get the netting for when I can keep an eye on them . I saw a fox in my neighbors garden tonight at 6.30 so definitely need to be vigilant. I feel bad for them but at least they will be safe in the go .
  7. Hi all, sadly I sold my cube a couple of years ago and long story short I missed keeping hens so have just purchased a second hand go up completel with 3 meter run and 3 lovely hens . I was slightly disappointed as i don’t think the go is as good as the cube but it was such a bargain . My dilemma is I’d like them to have more space and was going to get some omlet netting to fence a small area of the garden off for them and get another extension for the run to make it 4 meters in total. The go won’t be moved so it’s not a problem moving it. I can’t afford to buy both now , should I get the run extension first ? It would mean they are confined to the coup for a month or so until I can save up more pennies!! Also I know there is a fox in the village as my neighbors down the road lost their girls a couple of weeks ago so would need supervision anyway.... I just want them to have more space really, what does everyone else do? A walk in run is not an option unfortunately. Many thanks !
  8. Hi I’m looking for any length of omlet netting, I don’t mind if it’s been cut as long as it has a gate . Close to Peterborough if possible!! Many thanks.
  9. poppy ben grace

    Does anyone have a Go or eglu for their Guineas.

    Hi did you get your purple eglu for your girls? I stupidly sold my blue eglu and put my rabbits in a wooden hutch that they proceeded to dig a hole in the bottom of and very nearly escaped!! Needless to say I had to buy another one so now bunnies are back in it and safe and happy. My piggies are back in their eglu on the lawn now after being in a wooden hutch over winter and are more than happy munching the grass. I have to say after cleaning out the wooden hutches the ease of cleaning the eglus is a pleasure!
  10. poppy ben grace

    Eglu classic, or eglu go as a day run?

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I hope I can help although its just my opinion! I have 2 mini lops that live in an eglu with a 2 meter run. I love it but my rabbits dont really sleep in the house they like to use a big upturned plastic dog bed instead. I think the quality of the eglu is superior to the go and I know you said your bunnies are small but I would definitely get the 2 meter run. You can buy wire to stop digging for the eglu from omlet. Also looking at the inside design of the go I think the egly is easier to access for cleaning and feeding etc. If it were me I would have an eglu over the gobut I am sure others may disagree! Good luck with your decision keep us posted!
  11. poppy ben grace

    winter housing advice please

    Thanks Snowy, just wanted to be sure before I splash the cash on more housing! Honestly these piggies are nearly as pampered as the hens!
  12. poppy ben grace

    winter housing advice please

    Thanks for all the ideas everyone! I still cant decide what to do. I have seen a second hand hutch with two levels but have read that piggies find it hard to use the ramps. Is this the case? Also the hutch is 4 foot by 2 foot with 2 levels would this be big enough for 5 piggies? I thought I could keep the hutch in our shed when it turns cold.
  13. poppy ben grace

    winter housing advice please

    Hi, can anyone help please! I have 5 lovely piggies currently living in a rabbit eglu with 2 meter run(managed to get a second hand one!) I know its a long way off but I want to be prepared for winter. I have looked and looked on the internet at hutches etc and just don't know what to go for. I know they cant live on the grass in winter so want to put them in a hutch or cage. My dilemma is that some people say they can winter outside while others say bring them indoors! Also can anyone recommend a good hutch that would be big enough for 5 ladies? There are so many on ebay etc !! Another idea I had was to convert part of the chicken run my hubbie built and make it into a shed and put the eglu in there. Any thoughts or ideas would be great.
  14. poppy ben grace

    Does anyone have a Go or eglu for their Guineas.

    Thanks for that, i think i will try and find a second hand eglu. I have a large indoor rabbit cage that a friend has given me for winter use.I think i would feel happier if they spent the winter indoors.They are such dear little things, we have three and have had them a week now so they have just started to get used to the mad house they are living in!!
  15. Hello all, we have just got 3 lovely piggies for the children. They are currently living in my broody arc that my husband built and seem happy enough. Problem is i really love the ease of cleaning of the eglu/go and am considering the new go that omlet has designed for guinea pigs or a rabbit eglu. Do any of you good people have any opinions on them? Any thoughts would be fab, its my birthday next week and hubby wants to know what i want.......!!