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  1. You could try removing the worst bully then re introduce her in a week or so . She won’t be top girl then .
  2. I’ve brought a second hand mk1 cube but I need a run to go with it . Do any of you lovely people have one you’d like to sell before I get a new one from omlet 😩. Many thanks
  3. I actually have another dog so two altogether so at least they have each other . They seem ok . They sniffed her when she came home to be buried. I think they understand she’s gone . This is the three of them together the day before we had her pts . X
  4. Thank you all so much . She’s gone bless her . She had a lovely last walk and even had a dip in the river one last time. The vet said she had lots of other things going on so I’m comforted in the fact that she’s not in pain anymore. Its still so awful and I miss her so much. The worse thing is the empty spot on the sofa 😢 . X
  5. Excellent condition only selling as I need a cube since morehens has taken over ... The run extension is only a month old also lots of covers included one is brand new . Roosting bars are new too.
  6. Yes I’m always on there but always seem to miss out! 😩
  7. Hi I’m looking for a cube preferably with a run for my expanding flock ! I have an eglu with 3 meter run for possible part exchange if you are looking to downsize. Live near Stamford but can travel a reasonable distance. Thanks for reading.
  8. She’s booked in for tomorrow at 2.30. I feel like my heart is breaking but I know it’s for the best. Thanks so much everyone for your advice. Xx Here she is as a puppy. 14 years have passed to quickly . 😍😢😢😢 x
  9. Thanks everyone. I will definitely enquire about the vet coming to us . I’m sure it’s something they will do although Toffee has always loved going to the vets as it always involves getting a treat!! She loves her food bless her ... We have two other dogs . So much to think about. Such a horrible time . I really appreciate your responses it’s very kind of you all. X
  10. Thank you so much for your reply’s . I guess I am prolonging it for me rather than her ! She’s had a nice day today so will I give her a good weekend with lots of treats and maybe make the appointment for early next week ... x
  11. Please help I am in such a dilemma. Our 14 year old cocker spaniel , toffee, has an inoperable tumour on her face. It’s quite smelly now , about 2 inches wide and there’s nothing else we can do for her . I need to make a decision on when to have her pts but I feel so heartbroken and guilty for ending her life . Shes still eating and drinking and going for short walks and seems happy in herself. Shes rubbing her face with the tumour on quite a bit and I have to bathe it every day with hibiscrub .She’s deaf and blind in one eye too. Its just knowing when to do it really, the vets won’t say and I feel so awful having to do this to her . It’s just knowing when it’s the right time that I am struggling with .... Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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