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  1. 2259-1=2258 Nbr 3 of my 4 original girls has passed on to join her sisters
  2. I have Go and a Classic and the bedding never seems to stay in the Go nest for long whereas it always stays in the Classic. I've assumed this is because the classic is deeper. I generally get about 7 eggs a day and usually 6 of those are on the deeper Classic nest so my girls are voting Classic .
  3. Oo, congratulations . I always wonder who wins these things. Hope you like milkshake ?
  4. Big congratulations to Beckett and to you . What a great feeling that must be . Do you get to find out where his new home will be - is it youngster as you mentioned earlier?
  5. I've definitely noticed a change in their behaviour when we lose one of the group. When the top girl died last year the second-in-command yelled on and off all afternoon! I'm not sure if that was declaring herself the new leader or because she was sad at losing her friend. And when our little Pekin cockerel died a few weeks ago both the broodies immediately surfaced and stopped being broody. They haven't started laying again but haven't gone back to the nest either. His Pekin wife was especially upset and seem lost just wandering around for a few days but has latched onto the bantam (all other girls are big) and seems happier now. They seem to adapt eventually to the change in circumstances.
  6. My cream legbar cross is now 19 weeks and she has comb and ear lobes - not quite as impressive as your Kitty but more developed than the other two. Maybe they are a few weeks younger than you thought? Are they laying yet?
  7. As promised here is a pic of Boots and Zanzibar next to each other so that you can their comparative sizes . How does Zanzibar compare to other bantam Wyandottes? (By the way both have just started a mild moult so not looking their best!!)
  8. Hi MulletHunter, the Wyandotte is the only non-Pekin bantam I have had so not sure if she is a normal size. but yes, she is a little bigger than the Pekin and lays slightly bigger eggs (when she bothers with eggs!). I will try and sort out some photos for you over the next day or two. Thanks re intros. Still all calm in the combined group! Holding my breathe a little at the moment.
  9. A quick follow up: i let the old girls meet the new girls yesterday afternoon and apart from some very minor and brief squabbles they seem to have settled down together really well. I'm quite proud of my oldies ! I had planned for a couple of "together" sessions each day over the weekend but it's been so quiet that I let them out first thing together and I think I will leave them to it now. I will keep an eye on them though as I know that sometimes things start well and then go through a rough patch! They roost separately which seems to help. So BokBok87, hopefully this will give a little comfort that things can settle down quite quickly (assuming mine stay calm!). How are your group coping now?
  10. What a shame your efforts were in vain. But you never know, do you, so I would have done the same and tried to help just in case.
  11. Just the Light Sussex moulting in my camp. Looked like there had been a pillow fight a few weeks ago and yet she still had plenty of feathers on her body. Just lost a lot of the black ones from around her neck and they are growing back now. Do pekins moult? Don't think mine ever have.
  12. I have brought in new girls once before and I am embarking on the same process again now introducing 4 new girls to a group of two old girls and two bantams. Jackian's advice is spot on, I think. I have the luxury of two coops and runs which sit in a bigger pen so fortunately they don't have to roost together and I have full control of when they meet up but they can see other all the time. In fact, in the mornings when I let the old gang out they all rush around to the new run and scowl at the girls through the bars. The two head girls have a sort of eye-to-eye staring match until the old one runs away to bully an bantam! (she's only just started this so I assume it's a reaction to changes in circumstances) Once they are all out together in the pen lots of food/drink stations seemed to help a lot last time and in the early days I stood guard with the water sprayer. I will probably give it go this weekend with the new intake. It's not nice to see the fighting but it will settle down in time - just can take a while. I think you have to watch if they draw blood as that seems to make the bullying worse although fortunately mine didn't get to that stage. Good Luck
  13. The urge to perch ! Does she stay there for long? One of mine perches on the side of the glug and then falls in. Doesn't learn though, she keeps doing it.
  14. My husband already calls me The Mad Chicken Lady! Seeing me pretending to "peck" at a corn cob with my fingers to teach the chickens is not going to help my case!! But I'll give it a go . Their treats aren't normally hanging up so maybe that's confused them. If all else fails, I'll just have to pick off the kernels for them.

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