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  1. i agree with red wing and egluntyne. or you could have the worst bully for sunday roast
  2. make sure that you put the twin wall up the right way to stop the rays
  3. your not in leicester are you i have one ?
  4. you could always incubate some at least that way they will bond with you better
  5. ye its that i would say i have one and it lays lovely blue eggs just be patient and keep her happy
  6. cant believe how bad it went got all the way there with our new hartford xl tent opened it all up then realised go out doors hadnt supplyed us with the poles so had to pack up and head home total desaster
  7. well should be going to the peak district if this rain gets gone! the kids are well excited
  8. he had a good life well better and longer than he would of had anyway and he has left two baby chickens

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