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  1. Hey. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems a bit early for broodiness. I assume she has started laying this year?
  2. Have you tried scratching her front paws in it to show her what it's for? I was recommended to do that to get my kittens used to cat litter. Good luck!
  3. Ok. I'll give that a quick google. Thanks all.
  4. Have chucked all my coloured ones sorry. They fade so quick. The clear ones wash down well though and last longer.
  5. Eggs not an issue at the minute The nettex was every 6 days, which is what we did. I also did it every so often to help prevent it but maybe the run got too wet, maybe I didn't treat often enough, I don't know. I've lots of new wood chip down now though.
  6. I would guess fox too. Rats have no trouble burrowing under
  7. I have considered doing the same thing. Mainly to keep rats down but also to get a cat out of a shelter.My local shelter is over run with cats some of which came in as ferrels and would struggle to get homes. I worry like you about the chickens but there's only one way to find out unfortunately, if they were well fed you may be ok. My cats don't go out so that wouldn't be an issue, but I would still get it vaccinated and flee treated to be honest. And neutered of course. Personally I think it's worth a try
  8. Ah ok thanks. I know it isn't licenced for chickens. I tried the nettex scaly leg stuff for 3 weekends but didn't seem to help :-/ I know it can take a moult to see a difference but it still looks crusty.
  9. Hi I'm after some advice Some of my chickens have scaley leg. I've tried the vaseline/ sudocreme trick but I'm not convinced it's helping, as they have feathered feet I must be missing bits and getting in a right mess! Anyway, I've been reading that spot on for cats will treat all nasties including scaly leg mite? I have some pipettes in but it's the frontline combo does anyone know if this is safe to use? I've heard 4-6 drops for LF and 3-4 for bantams is that right? I quite like the idea of using frontline as I have 3 new chickens (still being kept separate) and as they had worms in their droppings after I wormed them I'm now convinced they have all manner of nasties! thanks in advance!
  10. HI has she plucked her feathers from her under belly? If she is bald here it is a good indication of a broody. Even hybrids can go broody, just not as often. Incidentally I never had success with ice packs, mine just sat on them until they were warm! A cage is the only thing that worked for me.
  11. Just ordered another huge tub of stalasan - another fan here! I use it in the run and under aubiose in the droppings trays. It's great stuff. If you're birds are on the same patch of earth / woodchip etc for any length of time the ground can become 'chicken sick' with the build up of poo and they can pick up some illnesses and parasites. Ground sanitiser helps to kill off bugs etc, dead easy to use, I get mine off ebay usually.
  12. I have a piece of plastic cut to size, with bolts through it to keep in place, got the idea off someone on here
  13. I agree that although I love my cube I would love to swap the ladder for something safer.Also I would like to see something to plug the hole in the nexting box?!? I have come up with a good alternative but still cant figure out why it's a good idea It's pretty easy to wash either way, with or without hole.
  14. Oh dear poor thing. All that fluff can hide wounds. When I had silkies I had to keep trimming their fluff around the eyes so they could see to keep out the way of the others.
  15. I think by asking on here with lots of people having eglus you might get a biased opinion, so it's good you've got boths views. I've had both and although I (she says touching wood) I've never had mites, I got rid of the wooden coop as it never really seemed clean to me. The wood absorbed smells but I guess this varies from coop to coop. Personally I wouldn't go back to wood
  16. When mine have been a bit bald round the bottom they've been red too. It fades when the feathers grow back.
  17. I have the omlet wir, covered with clear tarp, the small birds just pop straight through the holes. I don't think I lose a lot of feed to them though.
  18. I changed to a wir and cant see me wanting to go back and yes sparrows can get into a cube im afraid
  19. Sounds like it was for the best and I'm pleased the others are ok, funny the araucana was the only ill one, it was obviously weaker.
  20. Sure thing, everyone's welcome My house is nothing big or flash, lots of people thought I was mad moving here and effectively moving 'down' the property ladder but for more money but it's a homely home and I love where it is. It makes me smile every time I come home. Sally I know the house you mean. Lovely chickens, they come up to people as they walk passed, bless.
  21. Well I do a good cup of tea if you wanted to pop by, I have a lovely view of the grave yard Seriously though I love Tealby, I've never known such kindness and neighbourlyness.
  22. Ah I might have seen you Sally I live in Tealby.
  23. I had one chick on my first hatch that mum never wanted anything to do with. I kept putting it under her, taped it's splayed legs, got it eating and drinking, putting it back under mum. It died after a couple of days, I only drew it out for the poor thing really but had to try Mum knew all along it wasn't going to survive.

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