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  1. I have heard of this but not sure to be honest, I always thought sugar was bad for chickens. Maybe someone else could answer that. Sometimes chicks don't survive, it's sad but often natures way Have you anything you could add extra vitamins to the water? This won't help if it's stopped drinking though. I would make sure it is under mum tonight to keep it warm.
  2. Couldn't agree more. I'm in Lincolnshire too, moved to a little village near market rasen a year ago, whereabouts are you? just seen your avatar you're about an hr from me, lovely part of the world
  3. Don't be put off pekins they're ideal first birds. You'll love them once you get some pol birds
  4. Ok (I'm no expert - only done one hatch myself and onto second) my guess is there's not much you can do. Mum will teach them how to eat and drink. If it's been walking around ok, you could try dipping the beak into water to encourage it to drink. I believe chicks can survive for a couple of days on the yolk they absorb.
  5. I've had a first which I loved but then bought a for more chickens. I figured I may as well get a for less cleaning out so sold the intended on selling the too but somehow never got round to it I am now hatching some more chickens to fill the I preferred the eglu to the go personally. It looks smarter and more expensive, which it is of course I thought the go was a bit flimsy. But the colour went all the way round, only the back was grey
  6. Yes she is lovely Just a thought, you might find it sorts itself out faster if you start to introduce them to the others sooner rather than later the mean polish will be too busy worrying about the others to pick on her. The others will share their 'attention' between the new two. Assuming you've had them long enough to know they're healthy, I would start letting them free range with your others. Take it slowly though, polish chooks can get picked on because they can't see that well to defend themselves.
  7. I guess it depends on the area and how much passing traffic / walkers you get passed. I would put mine in the front where I am quite happily if I needed to
  8. I would be tempted to cut the worst off, then wash if needed. My orps need to be kept trimmed for that reason. YOu may find if you cut off the worst, the feathers underneath will be clean and spring back up.
  9. Yup, sounds like it. As an owner of pekins, cochin, orpingtons and silkies I can say I am a broody expert! I've tried the dog crate lots of times, not always successfully though I've given up this time and got some eggs
  10. Mine kick off at all sorts of things (egg laying of course) but other stuff too, generally for no reason I can see
  11. Of course if you're desperate to have them (I have a lavender pekin I feel your love for them ) You could start another flock. Sometimes things work out and they'll eventually get on. I had no intention of my big chickens mixing with my bantams but they had their own ideas and eventually followed the little ones to bed and bunked in with them It was a bit cosy in the until I gave in and got the
  12. I'm sure it's possible but I'm afraid I wouldn't. sorry. Your hybrids will give them a really hard time and you may end up never (or after months) getting them living together. I have a mixed flock but the pekins were first, I wouldn't try the other way round.
  13. Oh really?! Fab thank you, I didn't know the skin went red like that- good to have some god news re the chickens About the vent, it was sticking out as she was actually walking in to lay, is that still ok? I've been to check again and it has not come out again.
  14. This may be a long story I'll try and be brief! A few weeks ago one of my chickens (pekin) had signs of myco, so I took her to the vet who gave me tylan (she suggested I treat the whole flock for 5 days) the original hen cleared up after 2 days but another was showing signs so the vet gave me another 10 days which finishes today. One chicken is still showing signs so I'm going to separate her to treat her for another 5 days. But I'm hoping this will be the end of this. In addition to this I noticed lice and red sore skin on 1 of my orpintons so the vet also gave me deosect to dilute and spray on the whole flock. I must say after weeks on using lice powder every weekend to little effect this stuff worked wonders! Cleared up the lice brilliantly, just done it again 2 weeks later (as the vet suggested) and no sign except the old eggs. However her skin around her bottom is still red and sore looking, I would have thought a fortnight of no lice would've calmed the skin of irritation? There is little feather growth around here and I'm starting to worry about hen pecking. In addition I've noticed today my other orp has a small prolapse from her vent. To be fair it was showing as she was going in to lay and it's now gone back in, I've never noticed it before so I'm guessing it only comes out when she lays. Do I need to worry about this if it is going back in on it's own?! After writing this it sounds like my flock is on it's last legs! i should say that they are all perky, eating and laying (albeit we can't eat the eggs ) Even the ones that had / have myco are ok apart from bubbly eyes for a day or two, and the vet thinks we've acted quickly enough to beat it. Any suggestions about the red sore skin and prolapse would be greatly received. Also I understand my birds will always be carriers of myco but has anyone beat this nasty disease?
  15. The omlet covers are rubbish (too small) I use glass clear tarp long enough to cover the sides.
  16. I'd stick to 5 too. Although the breeds you've mentioned aren't massive they enjoy as much space as possible and may turn on each other if they are confined. Hybrids can be characters (read stroppy! ) too. Before long you'll be able to extend and your lovely cube is large enough to sleep more
  17. Crikey you have loads of space for 4 chooks! I bought some normal bird toys, for parrots and such to hang from branches. They prefer edible toys though and those ball things with treats that fall out while they push them around.
  18. I'm pleased the wound is scabbing over. To avoid hen pecking some people find it helps to give them more space, or more free range time. Also I have toys, hanging treats and branches to keep them occupied.

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