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  1. I've used it at least twice maybe three times
  2. How awful to loose a whole flock like that, poor you. Sending you hugs.
  3. Shocking. Only slightly Will be looking out for pics you lucky thing!
  4. You won't regret getting it, I love mine. I have built a wee climbing frame out of branches in mine too which the chickens are getting the hang of now. I got glass clear tarp which is working well. I originally got 2x6 meters which covered the top and two sides. Then I got the extension so wish I had got the 3 x 6 meters Having said that I had to have the door on one side panel anyway so couldn't have rolled it down on that side anyway.
  5. amazing! I love the mistletoe! Are you going to hang it up for Christmas?! Puts my (abandoned) cross stitch to shame
  6. I like your style getting him to put it up post op! Would love to see pics when you're all set up
  7. Oh the poor thing. I hope he settled in soon. In my experience, yes!
  8. All are gorgeous! I have a birman girl (jasmine) and love her to bits. I'd love another
  9. From my experience I doubt you'll get eggs before spring now, but then mine are a bunch of free loaders
  10. I have a frizzled cochin she is as mad as a hatter. She charges around the garden and chest barges the others (not the pekins though they won't stand for her nonsense despite the fact she is huge compared to them )
  11. I'm no expert but they look like girls to me. Ooo actually not sure the more I look, sorry no help All lovely pics! I have a female pekin that crows and struts too! I think pekins take themselves VERY seriously
  12. I'm a teacher too, the best one I can remember is when a student asked 'so why is it called the hilarious bone?' I said 'I think you mean the humerus' I also recall an A level biology student (very bright) who thought the uterus was in the eye. Obviously we didn't let him live that one down for a while
  13. The first broody poos I saw, I was convinced I had a fox or cat coming into the area I even googled 'fox poo' images! If I hadn't seen one being erm 'pooed' I wouldn't have believed it!
  14. I like them couldn't spend that on shoes anymore though.
  15. I rehomed a friends 2 semi feral cats through preloved. It took a few weeks but a lovely lady offered them a forever home where they could stay together on her farm. I hope it works out for you.
  16. I think you'd be fine with young pekins or silkies.
  17. Oh bless you how frustrating! For the record I have had a a and a and they have all been fine. I sold the go as I upgraded to a second hand cube. Out of the 3 the go was probably my least favourite but still way better than a wooden coop. From my experience I would recommend a cube (not as flimsy as a go) but I know some people have had leaky cubes too
  18. I have 6 bantams in the at one stage (one night one of my cochin piled in with them too ) I tried to add pekins to a pair of hybrids once and gave up as the hybrids were so nasty. They kept it up for ages and it was too distressing. I have added large foul to bantams easily enough but would be reluctant to try it the other way again. I would add a pair of large foul if I were you.
  19. I love fireworks and I am quite excited about tomorrow night. It is the first year my son will know what's going on and we are having a family get together at my mum's. Homemade soup, sausages in buns sparklers the lot We have all spent a fiver and have quite a pile of fireworks now (enough for next year I should think! ) We all have pets (I'm taking my dog with us as we are sleeping over there) and luckily they don't make much of fireworks. I can hear some outside now actually and my dog is on my lap and hardly noticed. In the past I've worried about the chickens but when I checked on them last year they were all asleep so I've no reason to worry this year. That said it never fails to amaze me that the general public are still allowed to buy fireworks. In any other packaging those combinations of explosives would be illegal. I am a science teacher and fireworks are far more dangerous than anything we deal with. Every year children are injured and other awful accidents happen. That's not to mention the intentional misuse of fireworks. If you needed an events license to buy them it would be safer. If people really wanted to see them they could go to events. I'll get off my soap box now
  20. I guess I was expecting something curvy and artistic coming from omlet and having a name like 'qute' When I was a kid I had a hamster in a really funky cage, all different colours. That was YEARS ago and a fraction of the price. I'm out!

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