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  1. I'm going to show myself up as the sad techie I am by mentioning Warnock's Dilemma. Summarised, not posting to a forum may be for several valid reasons that have nothing to do with lack of interest. As a result, many of those five and a half thousand people may have become members for reasons other than posting on the forum - although I don't know what else Omlet club membership allows someone to do. Not to say a spring clean isn't well recommended, but just a bit of wibbly wobbly web trivia. Don't you need to be a member to get the free delivery when you spend £50 at omlet?
  2. lovely I started out with berries and then moved onto old lady names
  3. Oh dear it sounds like you're really going through it. Virtual (((hugs))) from a total stranger
  4. Not on my old one I tried to make loops out of wire to hang them off but it was a pain to be honest. You could try the glug and grub stand though, made to go in a walk in run
  5. Oh dear how sad I have heard of chickens reappearing after a while though.
  6. I have one and love it. It looks smart in the garden and I think we got a better finished job than if we had a wooden one to put together. Only as my OH isn't that great at diy and we live on uneven ground. I think the wooden ones look just as good to be honest, and they are far cheaper. But we needed something to blend into the back ground as we live in a conservation area. Also it won't need treating and will hopefully hold some value. I agree about the covers. I got 2x6 meters of clear tarp which covers the whole standard run, including the sides when rolled down. It was £45 off ebay. The omlet covers are so expensive for such a small cover. Having said that I've just ordered an extension (with the free covers) as my tarp won't be wide enough so will need to add the clear omlet cover on the top of the end panal. I wasn't intending to write so much My advice would be if you have the cash then go for an omlet one.
  7. I love pekins, such little characters. I need a millefleur now I think
  8. I have been where you are now and think I would have actually cracked up if it wasn't for reading the baby whisperer books. There is also a fantastic forum the babywhispererforums or something like that. There are some wonderful people on there who helped me get my nightmare sleeper into a routine. I got some terrible advice off so called professionals like ' keep him awake all day and he'll sleep all night' which actually ends up in the 20-30 min OVER tired sleeping pattern. Feeding on demand also turned out to be a bad thing (for us anyway) and the baby whisperer routine was far better, he slept loads better and gained weight. hth xx
  9. I have 11 girls in the garden and bought eggs the other day free loaders!
  10. omg !! priceless! I'm pleased you all enjoyed my story I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have told you all in real life
  11. Hmm ok I'll give them a call, thanks
  12. Seriously, I have the most stupid chickens since the silkies I got last year I have had 2 orps for just over a fortnight. They still need putting in the every night for bed. Even now I'm letting them out to fr they still just sit next to it. It's never taken this long before! Has any1 else found this problem?
  13. I have been given some for a suspected infection in a bantam. The dose is 0.2ml a day and I've been given 10 ml. Am I meant to give her it for 50days I don't think the vet said how long to give it for, how long it usual?
  14. God only know what they said to each other when they got back off their ladders
  15. I can't believe I'm sharing this..... about 12 years ago I was still living with my parents. They were out so I didn't bother shutting the bathroom door while I had a shower, and their house is really private and not at all overlooked upstairs so got dried put hair in a towel and walked back to my room naked to get dressed. There was a window cleaner doing the hallway window he nearly fell off his ladder as I ran (oh dear ) past the window into my room. I shut the door behind me only to see another window cleaner at my bedroom window so I turned round ran back out (past the first man ) and into the spare room. But my torture wasn't over there was a third window cleaner doing that window too!!!! So I ran back out, (past the first man again ) and back into the bathroom. I stayed here hidden in towels sat on the floor for what seemed like hours. I mean how many window cleaners work in 3s for heavens sake Butt naked is bad enough but naked and running is never a good combination! Mind you they never did come for their money
  16. Poor thing I can totally sympathise. My little boy had it pretty bad at one stage and sleeping was a nightmare for all of us. It makes everything so hard. I tried lots of different things and eventually insisted on being sent to a specialist which sorted things quickly. Turns out a lot of the things the gp suggested where making it worst
  17. Ahh..... All 11 of mine have been piled on top of each other in the sun shine today (while I sweated over cleaning their houses)
  18. That extension has made a huge difference. Maybe I could justify one, winter is coming after all so they will be spending more time in there Lovely girls too
  19. When ever I have had to deal with abusive people my standard response when I end the conversation is 'it's been lovely speaking with you, thanks so much for taking the time to call / come round' their face is usually a picture and I just smile sweetly. I agree with others squiffs, I would try and talk to her calmly and quietly. If she reacts negatively it says far more about her than yourself.
  20. looks boy like to me but Im not an expert! Myrtle looks exactly like my mottled pekin but without the feathered feet no help sorry. Maybe a cross

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