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  1. I am not sure exactly what you mean but I would contact Omlet if you are not happy and let them know. A cube is a big purchase and if yours is faulty then it needs to be replaced.
  2. Everyone is the same when they first start out. I know I was and I used to shake before having to dose my girls and spend 1/2 an hour chasing them round to pick them up You are doing great and it's great news your girls are getting their tablets.
  3. I find tablets easier to administer than liquid. I always worry they will inhale the liquid into their lungs and if you put it in their water they don't drink it. If you catch her and wrap her in a towel to stop the flapping then open her beak and pop the piece of tablet in onto the back of the tongue then hold the beak closed and stroke her neck it usually goes down. Confidence is key and I know that's easier said than done but once you have done it a couple of times you will be fine. If two of you can do it together it's much easier, one to hold her and one to do the tablet.
  4. I am so sorry to hear about Kia, they do break your heart don't they. I really hope she improves soon. Just a crazy thought but has your vet ruled out lungworm? My brothers dog had it a year ago and had very similar symptoms. I am sure they have thought about this but just wanted to mention it to you. I hope you don't mind praying for a happy outcome for you. X
  5. I keep two favorelle bantams and a Wyandotte in a cube with a special wooden ladder that we made. They mostly bypass the ladder and fly to the pop hole. Good luck with your newbie she sounds lovely!
  6. Tom Hiddleston is my vote, scrubs up well with just a touch of menace about him.
  7. Seasalt do a good range of waterproof warm coats. I have a long one that comes to my knees and has a hood too, it hasn't leaked or let me down yet.
  8. Thanks Chucky mama, I too am not sure Ben would be thrilled to be wheeled around either but he does love going to a little beach near us but the walk to get to the beach is down a longish track and I just think if I could get him there without him walking he would be able to continue enjoying it in the months ahead. Unfortunately, I am not a cyclist so it would have to be a stroller type thing. I had a quick look on Amazon but the only one large enough is £400 which is a bit out of my price range. I have got a harness for him but it kills my back carrying his weight and I think it ruins his enjoyment too. X
  9. Has anyone purchased a stroller for a Large breed of dog. My old Lab is struggling to walk distance these days and I would like to be able to wheel him to the park and let him out there for a stroll. I can find strollers for small dogs but none that would suit a large labrador. I have also read some cruel comments online about how stupid it is to put a dog in a pram and I am worried that people may make horrible comments. What is everyones opinion of dog strollers?
  10. We have kept one hen on her own too after others died and she was fine. Give it a couple of weeks and see how she goes, she may be ok.
  11. I think is a job for a good chicken vet. Could a friend or neighbour give you a lift to the vets? It does sound like a serious issue. I would bring your very sick chicken and possibly the other one inside somewhere quiet and pop in a dog crate or cat basket but make sure they are kept cool and try and get some water into them. Do you have any avian electrolytes to add to the water? Not heard of pox but I am sure someone else with more experience than me will be along soon with some good advice.
  12. No not on grass, on wood chip in a WIR. We have loads of foxes even during the day so can't let them free range sadly. I might try and rig something up on the grass at the weekend if we are in the garden and supervising they should be ok. Thanks for all the advice, I would love to hatch for someone else as I have no stomach for dispatching the boys but I have no clue what I would be doing so it's probably best For everyone if I don't go down that road. I just gave them a coolish bath NOT COLD to try and cool them off a bit and see if it helps and they have spent the last hour strutting and preening so I might try that again in a bit.
  13. Thanks so much for your replies. I have given up with the broody cage and just shut them out of the eglu all day and only let them in at 8.00pm to go to bed. They just are not eating though which worries me, they just sit in the corner of the walk in run huddled together looking all puffed up like two pancakes!! I have tried tempting them with all sort of treats but they just refuse. I keep shifting them about too so they can't get too comfy but I do have work to do so can't be behind them all day. There are no poos to clean out in the eglu so I know they are not eating very much at all Blooming broodies, they drive you mad don't they?! I remember why I liked having ex batts now, you don't get all this nonsense every summer Has anyone tried the dunking in cool water thing? It seems a bit drastic but I am desperate to break them even for a few days.
  14. What a good idea! love your girls too. I gave mine a piece of chilled watermelon today, the ungrateful beasts refused to even look at it
  15. My two bantam favorelles have been broody for three weeks now and I just can't seem to snap them out of it. They have been in the broody crate for a week and actually seem quite happy in it. They hardly eat anything And I have tried tempting them with treats and distractions but no luck. I gave the water melon today and not interested, tuna, even a bit of smoked salmon not budging! I have been dusting them in diatom to fend off critters but I am worried they just are not eating. Any ideas???
  16. Hi Grandmashazzie, he has had one hip replacement which sadly resulted in a rare side effect of breaking his femur a few months later due to stress fracture and this was fixed with a load of metal work in his leg. He has also just recovering from Anal gland cancer surgery and chemotherapy so I really would not put him through any more surgeries. He is 12 so I know he can't go on forever but I guess if the Previcox keeps him comfortable for however long it's a bonus. It is so difficult to know what to do for the best. Labs are lovely but they do give us heartache don't they!
  17. My Labrador Ben has been taking Metacam for several years now for joint problems but it just wasn't doing the job anymore and he has been in pain, panting, moaning and lame. My vet has prescribed Previcox as an alternative and he does seem a lot better but I have been reading some horror stories online about shocking side effects of this drug. I do try not to get too worried about online reviews but would love to hear from anyone who has any experience of Previcox at all. I want to do the best for my boy and don't want to hurt him.
  18. Hydrotherapy is good too, helped keep my dog pain free and mobile until he was 10 and then had hip replacement. Good luck.
  19. Hi, sorry to hear about poor George, not sure where you are in the UK but I went to Fitzpatricks in Surrey for my Labradors Hip replacement several years ago and they were first class. Great advice and very caring team of people. I lived in Kent at the time so not too far, I live in Dorset now and would still make the trip to them if need be.
  20. I am so sorry, that's really sad. fingers crossed for your other babies. X
  21. Hi Mimi5, yes one of the little ones has just started! She did lay in the nest box today after my post so I am hoping she may be getting the hang of it. Thanks for the tip of dummy eggs though, I will try that if she relapses tomorrow I have been reading your posts about your newbies and keeping my fingers crossed for you that you get some girls X
  22. Ah thanks Olly and Cattails, I guess she just needs a little more practice yet. She is the only hen laying so there is no queue for the nest box so maybe they are just popping out when when she is not expecting it!
  23. My little favorelle bantam Matilda has just started laying this week the tiniest little eggs I have ever seen. She laid the first one in the next box but since then she has laid in the dust bath, the WIR and on the roosting bars of the cube. I have never had a chook do this before, how can I get her to lay in the nest box. I think Meryl her friend is going to lay very soon too and I don't want to play hunt the eggs everyday.
  24. Another fan of Pet Plan here. I have it for my dog, Meg. I would definitely advise getting insurance. We didn't have insurance on my Labrador Ben as we knew he had some pre existing conditions when we rescued him. Late last year he was diagnosed with anal gland Cancer and we had to pay for the operation and Chemotherapy afterwards and this to date has cost over £8,000 and it's ongoing. I wish we had got insurance for him even though some things would have been exempt but it would have covered his Cancer treatment. I would say get it ASAP, it's best to be safe.
  25. We had a version of this when my dog Ben had his hip replacement surgery. They are good but be careful about your back as you end up leaning awkwardly to one side to take your dogs weight. I used to walk Ben on his for a couple of hundred yards up and down the road during his recovery and it used to really hurt my back.

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