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  1. Here they are : Wyldstyle (Millefleur), Grey one is Jay and the white one is now called Emmet!
  2. I shall get some photos tomorrow hopefully weather permitting. I really hope they like us! I keep popping outside every so often so they should get used to me. My 2 yr old already gave them part of her apple core. One is stubbornly refusing to get in the eglu with her friends. I hope she doesn't stay out in the run all night!
  3. Thanks for the tips. I have sweetcorn in the freezer. The kids named them (big Lego fans) Wyldstyle (from Lego movie) Kai and Jay (from Lego Ninjago) !
  4. I've just gone and picked up 3 pekin ladies and they are exploring their new home as I type! I'm hoping they will settle in quickly as I want to be able to stroke/pick them up! Any tips on taming them?
  5. Thank you all so much for your input. Looking for hybrid bantams now but not much choice around Nottinghamshire. May get hybrids if it comes to it- just concerned about them being too large! Oh well you can't have it all!
  6. I think I will be having chicken related dreams tonight! It's so tricky - I think I probably just want the perfect hen that doesn't exist!
  7. Thanks for your replies. My old Wyandotte bantam was broody a lot and she was quite nasty with it and obviously wasn't laying any eggs. Not sure I can be doing with that so maybe Pekins are out of the running now! I am thinking more and more about getting hybrids although I know they poo and eat for England! However they do lay eggs consistently. So much to think about! My first hens were bantams. I then acquired 2 old hybrid ladies who didn't lay any eggs but were more friendly than my bantams had ever been! Thank you- lots to digest now!
  8. As you guys are so knowledgable about these things could I ask a quick question. I'm about to get hens again and have been considering the best breeds for a smallish garden/small children/eggs etc. I do like the look of Pekins but the broodiness puts me off. I was wondering if I was to get 2 bantams (for eggs) and then 2 Pekins at a later date, would this work? I've got a classic and 3m run but they would have access to the garden too. I think I want my 2 year old to have a proper pet chicken but also ones that lay more egg so don't want to just have Pekins. Does any of this make sense? I have been researching breeds for months and just want to make the right choice! Thanks all x
  9. The latest news is we lost Pippin at the weekend and old lady chicken doesn't look very happy at the moment either so to be honest I'm not expecting her to be with us very long. That will pretty much leave our Wynandotte Henrietta on her own. I will then be left with the 3m run Eglu and a wooden hen house. So, if I get 2 hybrid girls to join Henrietta, I am presuming it would be best to house the newbies in the wooden house at first and let them get to know each other in the garden before putting them together? What do you all think?
  10. Thanks for your replies. Does it matter that one is a hybrid and the other bantams? Also the hybrid is an egg eater so not sure how that would work! One more thing, would they sell me a single bird? Not done this before as I bought 3 bantams together originally!
  11. Hi all Ive got a bit of a situation. I have two pure breed bantams which live in an eglu. Over the summer I was given 2 hybrids and a wooden hen house (helping out a friend who has to move and couldn't take them with her). One of the hybrids died a few weeks back and the remaining chicken called "Chicken" is such a lovely friendly girl and follows me around when she's let out into the garden. I tried to let out all 3 hens out together and there was a massive chicken s"Ooops, word censored!". My Australorp is looking a bit peaky at the mo so thinking about taking her to the vets so I don't want them all together as it might be contagious. My question is, Chicken is quite an old girl I think so would it be stressful for her to get a room mate at her time of life as I don't really want to mix all 3 together? Also if my poorly hen has to be PTS Im left with 2 hens in two separate houses and not sure what to do! Hope I haven't been too confusing?! Any advice/opinions? Thanks!
  12. Diva looks sweet. I have never stroked a silkie, I am assuming they are very soft! I must admit I like the look of the white and the grey ones. I think I need to see some up close!
  13. They are very sweet! How are they noise-wise?
  14. I must admit I am drawn to silkies. They look so cuddly and cute. Maybe I could get a mix! I like the sound of all of them. I can definitely see how people contract morehens sounds pretty incurable to me!

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