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  1. Good morning It's my husbands 40th birthday this year. He has said for years he would like a bee haus but has been put off one because of the size of the garden and worried outlet girls might interfere with them. As it's his big birthday this year (September) I have thought about getting him one, he is very serious in all the stuff he does so I know he will do everything by the book. We currently live in a semi detached house with an "ok" size garden but we are in the process of looking at other properties with a minimum of 2 acres of land. So I'm not sure which way around to approach this as I want it to be a surprise but I want to be sensible about it all. When would be the best time to buy and set up and then how easy would be it be to move it once it's set up? My thoughts are to buy one and set it up here and the move it when we move or buy one and leave the setting up until we move.. this could be a while as we have only started looking last few weeks. Sorry for the long post Sam
  2. Evening all I havent posted for a while (ahem nov 2012 ) Been looking through a few threads for some ideas and advice. I currently have 1 x cube and run and 1x classic and run and now looking at integrating the two for a walk in run and then can try and get some of our garden back. The cube run is sat on 2 stable mats with aubiose covered over the top, the classic is straight onto the ground with aubiose on the top. Although the stable mats have been great, i have had concerns about muck etc ingress under the mats and smelling a bit. Just wondered if anyone has used paving slabs and how they got on with them? Ideally I think there should be a "kick board" edging to help stop the aubiose blowing out the run. Thanks in advance
  3. Congrats on your new family members My girls started to become more tame once they came in to lay and started crouching. They all come running over when called and all bar one who is a bit flighty can be handled. It will come in time, my girls just see me and associate me with food, which has its down sides when they get under your feet and they harrass you LOL!
  4. I collect my 3 ex batts 2 weeks today. I have the same naming dilemma
  5. I have just proper LOLd!!!! Yiou need a pic of her wearing that in the snow - make a great xmas card piccie
  6. Im feeling the pressure of christmas already! I am looking at Fudge recipes, the baileys and white chocolate was a winner last year, and i am looking at doing a chocolate orange batch too with a kick of orange liquor ideas for stocking fillers would be fluffy socks - always a winner for me,
  7. Last year I left the cake til last minute so thinking about starting to make it in the next couple of weeks. Also I have used the sainsbury recipe in the past.
  8. I really love your set up and love looking at your pictures
  9. Really great pics, showed my OH and he was really shocked at Tracy! Makes me want to get more. Well done Lewis
  10. Thanks egghead, I do believe she has sour crop. I've been massaging her crop and she has been bringing up smelly liquid, it's now pretty much empty and I will give her some yogurt later. I'm booking her in at the vets as I am off work tomorrow anyway.
  11. My OH is selling his 3GS for about £100 32 gb, i sold mine for about the same a few months ago
  12. I can only comment on the TiVo when it was old school before it was bought by virgin. It was wonderful and way before its time, now its had sky+ to contend with not so sure.... I would be interested in reading what current users feedback is though
  13. Hi All I know i have been neglecting posting on here for a while. I am after a bit of advise please. Mabel my loham brown has been fine up until today, my OH let all the girls out the run today when he got home and when I got home i noticed mabel was still in the run looking very sorry for herself. Her wings have slightly dropped and i picked her up and she was very thin, her crop was bulging with liquid, he protested to being picked up made a few noises and liquid poured out of her beak. I smelt it but it didnt smell like sour crop. Her comb has got a purple tinge to it and she just looks unwell. I am going to book in with the vets tomorrow. Any ideas please?

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