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  1. Pets at home online are running a 3 for 2 on loads of chicken stuff with free delivery if you spend over £29. link here .
  2. Really? I know everyone has a different idea of what 'expensive' means, but when Diva got frothy eyes we took her to the vet and it cost £25 including consultation and enough antibiotics to treat the whole flock of six birds for seven days. Seemed like a bargain to me to ensure the health of our girls!
  3. When we got ours, they came with a vetinary prescription signed by Marriage's resident vet.
  4. There are plants that chooks won't eat. Daffodils for example. Didn't stop them from trampling the poor flowers to pulp though!
  5. If this were a human I'd say it sounds like a fungal infection, y'know, down there which often has a distinctive fishy smell. A trip to the vet is in order. It might be as simple as a course of canisten.
  6. Funny you should say about the bag being orange. Some friends of mine have geese and when the paperboy calls at their house with his big day-glo orange satchel the geese go absolutely ape-poo. The poor boy has learned to leave the bag at the gate now!
  7. It's so frustrating isn't it? When your girls are giving egg after egg but you have to throw them away. Ours finished their antibiotic course yesterday so we have another week of wasted eggs ahead just when they've all started to lay. What a terrible waste! Anyway congrats on getting through it and I hope you enjoy your eggs!
  8. Would have done it sooner too. For years we just kinda assumed that hens won't lay eggs without a Cockerel around and didn't want to annoy the neighbours. When we moved to the country we considered it again only to find that the cockerel wasn't necessary after all!
  9. Our Buff Orp was £35 and our Blue Orp was £40. Seemed steep at the time but looks like it's within the normal range for a quality Orp.
  10. Another lovely day again here in Sunny Suffolk. Yesterday the temperature reached the heady heights of 26c and it's already 21c and climbing again today. I love spring.
  11. Here's our Bluebelle, Misty. She has a lovely red breast and the most intense eyes!
  12. Mashed sweet potato and/or swede. Our girls for mad for it! Grapes. Wholewheat spagehetti.
  13. Fab day here too, so warm we got out the paddling pool! Mrs Featherbotton was so reluctant to leave her dustbath sunbathing spot that she layed an egg in it!
  14. We were very lucky when we went hen shopping an managed to get almost everything on our shortlist (see sig) The only one we're missing is a Silver-Laced Wyandotte because the breeder won't have any ready until August (My birthday's in August!) Also, since browsing this forum, the hubby now wants a black naked neck.

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