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  1. Can I butt in on this conversation and say 'Hi' to Mimi! Glad you're going down the chick route again! Such a fab thing to do and good luck with it all! Unfortunately I've not got room for any more but am v happy with my gorgeous Mr Darcy and his 9 wives - and I get to see my neighbour's chicks hatching and growing up so it's the next best thing! Yes, we're exceedingly lucky to have each other as neighbours and I'm so grateful for all the times Chicks chicken-sits for my lot, especially at the moment.
  2. Good to see you back, Mimi, and hope everything goes well for you this year in all ways. Best of luck with hatching. Rosie
  3. I agree with Cattails. I've got 2 Go-Ups. V easy to clean, no bending - and the ventilation is at the top - much nicer for the hens. The wheels make it easy to move, even with the run attached. No prob collecting eggs in the afternoon. I didn't like all the bending with my old classic. To clean it properly you had to take the roof off - heavy! And the ventilation is at fluffy-bottom level (like the Cube). Not good for hens.
  4. It's strange but this is the 1st year that mine have laid in the winter - one started on Christmas Eve and now they're all at it. Getting 4 eggs a day, which is unheard-of for my lot!! Might it be that they're in a bigger flock and feel more secure? Or is it that they prefer their new Go-Ups? It's been a relatively mild winter, but so was last year and we didn't get any eggs then until late Feb. I know that the amount of light is supposed to be the relevant thing, but no change there either. However, yes Cat tails, the downside is that they'll probably all be broody all summer!
  5. Sorry to hear about poor Suzie. I'd have done just the same as you.
  6. Thank you for your kind thoughts, which really help. The house seems very empty at the moment. No welcome when we return from walks, no bringing of slippers etc etc.
  7. Thanks all for your lovely comments and thoughts.
  8. We had to have Harry, our beloved Golden Retriever (aged 14¼) put to sleep this morning. He had 3 fits over 16 hours and it was clear he'd had enough. He was a lovely faithful companion and was brilliant with the ten chickens, despite the fact we only got them in 2011, when he was 10.
  9. Mullethunter - I've kept pekins since April 2011 and without fail, they've always stopped laying around September and haven't started again until around mid-Feb. This year, Lavinia laid her first egg at the beginning of December and now 3 of them are laying regularly so we're getting enough eggs to not have to buy them. Don't know why. Mild weather? And maybe if one starts, it's catching?!
  10. Thanks all. We're going to remove the door insulation today and not bother insulating at all. Unfortunately I can't leave coop doors open as the fenced area they're in is not covered. No condensation the last couple of days as it's been milder, but will check each morning and dry if necessary. Maybe Omlet should make it clear that these 'extreme weather' covers and liners are not necessary and may even cause more harm than good.
  11. Love my new tea cosy! Will be doing lots of cream teas this summer..... [/url]

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