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  1. Ok, this is how I, an amateur does it. Aproach crouching hussy from behind Put hands firmly around wings and scoop up Tuck under an arm depending on whether you are left or right handed Slide the spare hand underneath between the legs to support. Wander around the garden showing her the sights whilst making silly chooky noises. The important thing is to make them feel secure. The more you carry out this strange behaviour (most of my friends have decided I'm a sandwich short of a picnic), the more your girls will become accustomd to it. A few sneaky sultanas in your pocket helps as well! Good luck, although you really aren't going to need it.
  2. My three new Rhode Islands started with sweet bantam size eggs but within a few weeks are laying enormous double yolkers. I feel very sorry for them. Apparently it's because they are new layers and their bodies haven't adjusted properly. Too fast ovulation, that sort of thing. My first three hybrids have never produced a double yolker, wonder if it's genetic or something....?
  3. I've had my girls since last September with no problems at all. Until two weeks ago when one of our neighbours made a bit of a fuss saying things like "I won't be able to have my kitchen door open this summer because of flies". I checked with the council before I got them and there are no restrictions at all. I do still need to check the deeds (when I getaroundtoit). Not sure what I would do if I discovered chickens were not allowed. In the meantime, I am keeping the eglu and new coop/runs spotless everyday. Cleaner than our house btw!! Any flies, rats, smells etc will only come from the local dustbins which are emptied twice a month. Very handy headline news this summer Fingers crossed for all of us small scale chicken keepers x
  4. Thanks for all the tips folks. I have citronella oil so am about to waft that about outside. I'm going to get some auboise as well as it does sound very good at absorbing all things pooey!! Before I got the girlies I phoned the council to see if there are any bylaws against keeping chickens and there aren't so as long as I keep everything spotless I can't see that she has much cause to complain. But she will, but I'm ready
  5. Since my original post I think the neighbour from hell is gearing up for a bigtime fight. We have tolerated her dog barking barking barking for years. Suddenly she is keeping him in nearly all the time. I know her style, she is a bully and WILL be making a huge fuss very soon. I just know it. So, am keeping both the eglu and coop/run spotless and we have put down rat bait (suspect some are lurking ) as a just in case. Please can anyone tell me about auboise? I understand it absorbs pooey smells! Today I used a teatree dilution after I cleaned everything out. Is this ok or is there something better? I am determined that my girls are the cleanest, most gorgeous girls in the county so when she marches in with an environmental health officer she won't have a leg to stand on. Alll advice gratefully received please.
  6. I put a crushed garlic clove in the drinking water, that seems to work ok.
  7. Fingers crossed for the poor little chick. Wishing I didn't click here..............
  8. Just what I think. Our girls have to be kept confined during the day, but evenings and weekends they get to trash the garden just as much as they choose to I have felt guilty about keeping them confined in the run but ultimately if we compare our eglu girls to battery or barn chooks, then they are living a 5 star lifestyle. Kept nice and clean with fresh nesting material, freedom to stretch their legs, sun on their backs, fresh food and water WITHOUT ADDITIVES , lots of treats to enjoy and well looked after.
  9. I would cover them in fleece or even an old netcurtain, just to be on the safe side
  10. I think it depends on what you want, if you would like chooks that come to you, sit on your arm etc. then you need to spend more time "taming them". If you want to feel confident picking them up, handling them, etc, then you just need to be confident. Once they are laying, they crouch as you approach them, I put hands around their wings very firmly, then tuck one hand underneath so they feel supported. Usually they settle down and enjoy the attention! I got my first three girls 1st September and although I had wanted chickens for as long as I can remember, I was very nervous about getting it all wrong if I handled them. Now it feels as though I've had them for ever. Sorry, waffled quite a bit...
  11. I looked into ducks a few months ago and was advised that, yes, they are noisy, yes, they make far more noise and smell than chickens, and you very definitely should not have one duck and one drake. Because he will finish her off He needs the minimum of three ducks
  12. Our German Shep and terrier take no notice of the girls at all, although GS likes to make sure they are all safely guarded. He does that with me too........stands in front of me whenever he thinks I need protecting. Bless him. I would take care introducing dogs and chickens, you will need to keep a beady eye on the hound for a while. Good luck
  13. Am really worried this afternoon. I was minding my own business working on the veg plot when a neighbour called in to ask if we would move the new chicken coop and aviary because its too close to her house and she thinks there will be an invasion of flies all summer.
  14. Your life will never be the same again! Chickens are brilliant
  15. my first three girls love their straw and make a lovely nest to lay in. the three new girls seem to think fresh straw is to forage in and chuck it all over the place, leaving a bare nestbox within five minutes
  16. We are now the proud owners of a new coop, enclosed run and new chooks and OH has fitted an automatic light sensitive door opener for it. I don't suppose there is such a thing for the eglu is there????............................................................................... No, I didn't think so!
  17. Hmm, don't seem to be able to cast a vote But if possible, I would love to meet up there. Why can't I vote............
  18. Found them. Need a rest in a darkened room now!
  19. whats a lumie bodyclock alarm? meant to ask that in my last post..............but forgot
  20. I have a lightbox, its quite small and i use it everyday on my desk at work. (Otherwise I forget). I think it helps and whether its psychological (sp) or not I wouldn't know. Frankly if I feel better then who cares! Apparently taking Vitamin D helps too - sunshine helps the body produce it, so obviously lacking in the winter. I keep forgetting to buy some. Is forgetfulness a symptom???
  21. South Gloucestershire. A windswept monsoon of a county today
  22. Horrible here, just got in from work after grim drive home, trees down, floods, roads closed etc. The village looks very scarey, lived here for years and never seen such devestation. The front garden wall has collapsed and the back garden has no fences left at all. Completely flattened At the moment the main part of the garden boundary is holding up but I'm feeling quite anxious. The girls seem to be ok, really worried that one of the trees is going to come crashing down on them though.
  23. South Glos, about an hour and a half away from there. Depending on my driving that day

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