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  1. Hi Thanks for all the info about the cider vinegar its a big help as want to give them the best will get it done tomorrow they are "Pampered Ladies" I guess ! but so worth it
  2. Hi Thanks for the reply as on our container it just gave suggestions for daily amounts for horses & Ponies ! its the first time they will have had any. They were a bit "down" & not themselves last week, but they are picking up as they are being wormed & appear more happy ! and we heard the Cider Vinegar is good for them
  3. Hello we got some cider vinegar for our 4 hens but are not sure about the amount to use in their water can anyone advise please ! Kay
  4. Hi, can anyone advise on the following as we are not entirely sure about the best form of covering for the hen's run, (3 hens ) at present we have some hardwood chippings down, as we read these would be ok but how often do these have to replaced ? Also read about gravel as an alternative, kept chickens as a child and we never used either ! Thanks for any help suplied

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