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  1. Hi everyone it's been a while since I've been on here! :D Unfortunately over the winter I lost my barnevelder Jan and my appenzeller Dot so I decided to get some new additions 2 weeks ago - Claudia and Matilda the gold partridge pekins to join korma and Judith who are still going strong and laying at 4 years old :clap: We are looking to move house when we have sold ours to a bigger garden so a nice big walk in run will be constructed for the girls. I decided to get the pekins now though as I've just finished high school and have time to mix them. Introductions aren't going badly, Judith isn't really bothered by them but korma is chasing them although it is getting a lot better. The pekins are currently in a classic borrowed from friends but have supervised free ranging in the day with the big sussex girls. Hope you like them :)







  2. Hi they are probably having a winter break which most chickens do. Are they hybrids or pure breeds? Pure breeds hardly ever lay over winter and hybrids often do at first. I don't have have hybrids but some people have found theirs only lay over their first winter and then stop for others. Hope you get some eggs soon :D

  3. I have 2 large fowl sussex who are lovely. They are very friendly, hardy and lay well for a pure breed but as previously said the eggs they lay aren't as big as shop eggs from hybrids. Mine are quiet compared to my other two and I have one who goes broody once a year and the other has never been broody. The large fowl are big though so the bantams may be better if space is limited.

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