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  1. Wow! How long did it take him to grow that big?
  2. That's great My light sussex has just started to lay again after a big moult and I wasn't expecting any till february
  3. Great pics She really is very pretty (and huge!). I am very
  4. They are lovely girls I'm sure they will have a great new life.
  5. Welcome to the forum I would be careful with the other breeds too as crested breeds can also be bullied badly and need quite a lot of care and need to be kept dry ideally. If you would like unusual looking chickens then a silver laced wyandotte may be good as they are hardy and more easily integrated than breeds such as silkies
  6. They are lovely congratulations The pekins are very cute
  7. Silkies are a breed and large fowl but are quite small so many are mistaken for bantams. You can get minature silkies but these are harder to find. A lot of large fowl silkies tend to be too small but this isn't a problem unless you are wanting to show. You can get breeds such as serama with fluffy silkie type feathers but these are rare. Hope this helps

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