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  1. Although I don't have bantams, my large fowl sussex are great! The lays 6 eggs a week each, never refuse to be picked up or stroked, they will jump up on your lap for treats and are great characters.
  2. I love your walk in run! I think my favourites mocha with her " hair"
  3. I know someone who always chucks mice that her cat brings in to her chickens. I bet Fizz wasn't happy about you taking it off her!
  4. I love watching them dustbath. Mine try and dustbath on my doormat!
  5. With the Go feeder my chickens refused to eat from it aswell, but I filled it till it was full so they could see the food and they have ate from it since. You could also put treats in there to tempt them and at first I think I put the feeder to low.
  6. Chalk hill poultry has blue brahmas. I haven't been there myself
  7. One of my chickens pecked me really hard when I chose her from the breeder (shes a barnevelder and has a pretty big beak!) she doesn't do it anymore, she just wipes the mud off her beak on my trousers whenever I'm outside!!!

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