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  1. They look like they had a great time I wouldn't worry about crop problems, just give them plenty of grit and feel if their crop is hard if it looks big and has not gone down overnight. Your walk in run looks great btw
  2. I'm not sure. I agree a recent full shot would be good because you can see the tail feathers and body shape. Hope she's a girl!
  3. That's great Looking forward to pics once they have settled in
  4. Looks great I just shovel out the wood chip and replace it when it looks like it needs doing. Your cockerel is lovely
  5. I dreamt that someone stole my chickens not long ago
  6. It's lovely and so are the ducks Do you still have puddle?
  7. Welcome to the forum Being hybrids they could start laying anytime as they are bred to lay quite early and in the winter unlike pure breeds although the winter could possibly be the cause. If they are starting to lay you can tell by their comb getting redder. Things like worms or mites can sometimes stop them laying so you might need to worm them with flubenvet. Problems like these are not usually a problem if they have only been in their house for a few weeks and red mite is not common at this time of year so it is probably not likely to be these but is something to consider if they continue not to lay. I would try the dummy egg and then if they aren't looking like they will lay in a few weeks try worming and checking the coop for mites. Hope they lay soon
  8. Hi it might be worth them buying one of these if the kitten turns out to be owned by someone close. They also keep off squirrels and pigeons. It might be worth seeing if it is chipped. http://www.thebirdtable.co.uk/shop/images/bts.jpg
  9. Yes I let mine free range and it does get messy so I go around and pick it up with a shovel and then put it in the compost bin.

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