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  1. Welcome back Those faverolles are lovely They seem like such nice birds with their gentle giant personalities.
  2. They will love it once they work it out
  3. Your not the only one! I might get that goody bag for Harry as I haven't given him fish4dogs before and every one on here seems to thinks its good. Hopefully this Christmas he won't pull the Christmas tree over again
  4. I'm not sure but I think they are barbu d'uccles and booted bantams/saplepoots. They look quite unusual colours though.
  5. Such a shame Glad your girls are safe though. Omlet walk in runs do look nice but I personally wouldn't pay as much as they are for them.
  6. They are lovely The chick with the topknot is very cute
  7. It's normal, one of mine lays big speckled eggs and is totally fine. I don't know why some are more speckled than others but they look nice

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