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  1. Don't worry it's normal My eglu has quite a few in at the moment as it is the time of year for a moult.
  2. I agree it sounds like scaly leg mite. Some people recommend covering the legs in vaseline but there are mixed reviews on this so I would stick to a scaly leg product as mimi5 suggested.
  3. Fresh start for hens They rehome ex-commercial hens.
  4. I don't have ducks but am interested in wildlife and I read that an age to expect from a wild mallard duck can be 15-25 years. So I think it would be possible as I think that all domesticated ducks but muscovies are bred from mallards. I would think they would certainly live longer than chickens. Hope this helps
  5. I doubt it would put her off laying. My smallest chicken sits under my top hen all the time and both are good layers so I agree she may not be old enough yet. Hope she lays you some soon
  6. Are there any feathers in their run? They moult around this time of year normally and stop laying to grow new feathers.
  7. Such a shame I agree it could have happened if you were at home too.

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